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President Trump Gives an Update on the Nation's Coronavirus Testing Strategy

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 117 Views
Published on 29 Sep 2020 / In Film and Animation

The White House - GET READY for Walmarts to be turned into JADE HELM 15 FEMA DEATH and Reeducation CONCENTRATION Forced human Slave Labor for WORLD WAR Three.. The Society of nonmason~ [///|||\\\]

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 24 days ago

For those of you'm whom come here to get the facts, and know and accept we live in a Celestial Sphere on a Flat Plain where DNA and RNA are just as FAKE as the Faked moon Landings of NASA, and all the THEORIES of Fake Space, you so know that there in no Corona DEATH Virus cause Corona in any Medical Book made before 2019 says: The Corona is the Common Cold, and Harmless, but just as Ink on paper Books and Now INTERNET PAGES of Text can be wiped and replaced with MODERN Medical Books that will say: COVID-19 is REAL, and we the FREE MASON Lodges whom run your Religions, Schools, Governments, Banks, and such as U.N. Troops as the U.N. runs all U.N. FLAGS as INTERNATIONALIST Globalist, you will have to blend in for there are too many under the Spell and Enchantments of TV is the Real World, and what you and I think are considered the lies... So, make peace with this place of PURGATORY, and take the knowledge you need to live well, and teach your children the Truths we of Pak-Toe know and how too ALWAYS be wary of THE SYSTEM of the Racka Cause that FREE MASON Lodge in your home town runs the City Council, School Boards, Jails and Prisons, Courts and all in all be it You LOCAL governments to your WORLD LEADER by our Fellow Citizen [Humans] whom have "betrayed" we the people’ no matter what the {U.N. FLAG} you live under my nonmason too these (nonhumans) aka THE MASONS...

The Society of nonmason~


What are THEY LIVE actually looking for??? People whom have SOLIDS, and too be certain` to wipe out the General Population of SOLIDS, so only the Rich and Famous aka MASONS have the Parasitic SOLIDS, and all people with “Symbiotic” SOLIDS are to be eradicated by the end of 2021… The Oracle for the End of An Age and this TIME LINE has so spoken… Good Luck surviving till 2094 C.E. if you are not completely {100% Humans} and Rh Positive as it also seems that THEY LIVE want to ERADICATE all human populations’ with Rh Negative Blood in them…

#QBALL /_\

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