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Renaud Be
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Published on 05 Nov 2019 / In News and Politics

About the low viewer count of my videos on YouTube, when I used to have 3 million, and 1 million view videos here, before pulling them out in protest of their political censorship; It’s called shadow-banning, or punishment from Google and YouTube for past legal political videos they disagree with, as they put me on their blacklist and voluntarily stalled my video counters, very possibly only registering 1 in 10, or 1 in 100, or even 1 in 1000 views, and all this while limiting down to zero the exposure of my perfectly good videos and not even sending notifications to my more than 9 thousand subscribers, even if they remove them constantly. In the meantime, YouTube and Google are perfectly happy in promoting to death the most pathetically awful and deceiving videos along with incredibly fake news from mainstream corporate medias, largely owned or funded by foreigners from oppressive communist countries and brutal dictatorships, all with their videos view counts artificially and massively inflated to grotesquely high levels. So don’t worry about my view counts on YouTube, as they are faked and artificially kept low; and that is not my shame, it is YouTube and Google's shame for doing this to me and so many others, because they refuse to respect political opinions or free speech on their platform.

1. https://www.bitchute.com/video/r9u9w2URdSRO/
2. https://videos.utahgunexchange.....com/watch/FPuw5re3x
3. https://drop.space/v/oph67f
4. https://youtu.be/oOAKpHPnxrA

PS: I just wanted to let YouTube and Google know that we are not stupid or the bad guys here, even if YouTube think we're too dumb and stupid to do the math between my 9,070 subscribers who voluntarily did subscribed to me to be noticed, and pretty much none of them getting notifications, which is the basic elemental idea of subscription, to be noticed. It does not take a genius to see that YouTube is doing some pretty heavy shadow-banning censorship on my account, when out of my 9,070 subscribers, I get only 31 view on even a non-political video, which equals only 0.31% of potential subscribers, not mentioning new potential organic growth with new viewers. For YouTube to be hypocritically censoring conservatives like this, the Justice Department of every countries should be falling on them like a ton of bricks, with multiple billion dollar fines, seizures and arrests if necessary. In the meantime, I encourage all to open new alternative free speech social media accounts, follow and built there, before YouTube or even Facebook, which should only be getting crumbs.

My Alternative Social Medias:
1. https://www.bitchute.com/channel/renaudbe/
2. https://videos.utahgunexchange.com/@RenaudBe
3. https://drop.space/@RenaudBe
4. https://www.worldtruth.mx/RenaudBe/
5. https://www.buddylist.co/members/2233963
6. https://gab.com/Renaudonemillion
7. https://mewe.com/i/renaudbe
9. https://www.minds.com/Renaud10....00000/?referrer=Rena
8. https://www.subscribestar.com/renaudbe
10. https://renaudbe.blogspot.com/
11. https://www.facebook.com/renaud.be.11
12. https://www.youtube.com/user/RenMan999/

😎The definition of Shadow-banning is, social media platforms, not agreeing with your occasional political opinions, and cowardly censoring and blacklisting you with their hypocritical programmed algorithms or manual interventions, reducing your posts and video exposure, not sending notifications to thousands of followers, and even tempering with video view counts, once in the millions and thousands, to almost nothing, all to discourage their victims, despite equality laws and free speech rights.

#YouTubeCensorship #GoogleCensorship #Censorship #ShadowBanning #FreeSpeech #YouTubeShadowBanning #YouTubeCounterFreeze #YouTubeViewCountTempering #YouTubeAlgorithms #YouTubeBlacklist

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