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YouTube deleted our channel

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Published on 25 Jun 2018 / In People and Blogs

After 5 hard years of work, over 550 videos, nearly 8300 subscribers, and nearly 3 million views, Youtube deleted our channel without warning. All that gone with the click of a mouse.

Join us every Thursday night at 6pm central time for our weekly update on the state of affairs. Who knows what we will do this week. Be sure to watch from our Parascope channel https://www.pscp.tv/Tactical_review/1jMJgqoajagKL so you can join us with live chat where we can answer your questions. So get a drink, sit back, and enjoy.

We will be looking at products provided by the following companies for our AR build project. https://tactical-reviews.com/2018-ar-project

SylvanArms: https://sylvanarms.com/
Redding-Reloding: http://redding-reloading.com/
MSRarms: https://msrarms.com/
ATI Outdoors: https://www.atioutdoors.com/
Antila slings:
Anderson Manufacturing: https://www.andersonmanufacturing.com/
Valkyrie Dynamics: https://www.valkyriedynamics.com/
Sharps Brothers: https://www.sharpsbros.com/
RykerUSA: https://rykerusa.com/
XSsights: http://www.xssights.com/
American Made Tactical: https://americanmadetactical.com/
Mission First Tactical: http://www.missionfirsttactical.com/
McCutchen firearms: https://www.mccutchenfirearms.com/Default.asp
HellFire Armory: https://www.hellfirearmory.com/
Hardened Arms: https://www.hardenedarms.com/
Unique-ARs: https://unique-ars.com/
Velocity Triggers: https://velocitytriggers.com/
DigiTrigger: https://digitrigger.com/
MBV Industries: https://mvbindustries.com/
The Mako Group: https://www.themakogroup.com/

Make sure you subscribe to our channel, that way you will never miss one of our reviews.

be sure to follow us on Twitter, https://twitter.com/Tactical_review That way you will know what is coming up. But we don't only do reviews on Twitter, we talk about sexy firearms, talk politics, and 2A laws.

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Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/tactical_review/

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Mister Torgue
Mister Torgue 2 years ago

Maybe this will be the new badge of honor? I mean just read that BS, "community guidelines" my ass. You didn't break the law, but all the douchebags posting videos of doing narcoticd for example are somehow allowed.

I just archived all my gaming videos and captures and I'm now ready to let it rot and never go back.

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DOSE_OF_FREEDOM 2 years ago

You know whats deceptive? The way they wrote the new guidelines. Talk about being extremly vague. Many channels have been shutdown for it. BUT! I can look at videos of 17 year olds smoking weed and swearing their heads off on there. Cut your losses. Use youtube to only promote your videos on alternative sites. If you keep the channel, use it to bring these and other political issues to light. Use their service to make them look bad. Says nothing in the guidelines about talking about how horrible they are ;)

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tactical_reviews 2 years ago

They bend the rules how they want, and just make stuff up.

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2 years ago

In America, you break law.
On YouTube, law breaks you!
My condolences on the passing of your channel (and income)

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