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YouTube Censors Anyone Who Criticizes The BLM Rioters And Looters

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Published on 17 Jun 2020 / In News and Politics

Apologist Justin Derby responds to YouTube's announcement that they are going to censor anyone who criticizes black content creators and users, and YouTube deleting all comments off of videos that have "black lives matters" and "violence" in the same comment.

YouTube Announcement Tweet:

Techfirmative Action! Youtube Vows to "Amplify Black Voices" (Bitchute Exclusive):

YouTube is automatically deleting any comments about “black lives matter violence”:

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DJXtremeStudios 2 months ago

youtube is getting worse anyone who stays is either a moron or has blinders on or both . hope you are doing well TTOR

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

So whom do we THE SOCIETY OF NONMASON battle.?.?.? Besides knowing all FREE MASON Lodges are Satanist and Churches of the Devil as “THEY LIVE” worship Lucifer to harm, and hurt, and murder WE ARE for we all know now WAR IS MURDER and Murder is against THE RULE OF LAW???

Look at the Back of the U.S. Dollar and know that the only “ONE Blood” Line THAT must now come to an end is the mixture of them two EVIL SPIRITS blood lines...

One Blood Line was the /_\ EAGLE Symbol……., and the other “Blood Line” was the Symbol of The SNAKE that is now the [All Seeing EYE] / * \ on the same U.S. Dollar, and this is why Q said, their SYMBOLS would be their downfall…….., and as The Rag Tag Rebellion no matter your COUNTRY, look at the (Symbols) of the EAGLE to know that [has now become] the ONE NEW WORLD ORDER Blood Line…..., but it is nothing more then an “old symbol” for the Phoenix that can be extinguish by “we the people” of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, and the Stocks and Bonds {are empty} [{**}] of any true VALUE……..., so if you have any VIRTUE left….., and are no longer A PARASITE on this world…., then join we The Southern Republic of Tartatians to Decimate “These Chaldean” of the OLD WINE SKINS once and for all` for too allow these 192 U.N. FLAGS to say:

We can Kill and Murder you at Will (TAX PAYING) citizen FOOL?.?.?., then you the nonmason Citizens of your lands and flags “no longer” OWN your freemason Police.., or freemason Military., or freemason Religions, nor FREE MASON Governments, and in that???

SABOTAGE – SABOTAGE – SABOTAGE till The Feast and the Sabbath of the OTO BEAST is no more!!!!

Now, I am a still a PURE BLOOD Original, and that is why the Tribes of EAGLES, and the Tribes of The SNAKES tried to kill all Polish People with [Rh Negative] and (Rh Positive) Blood for we are the PROTECTORS of the Knowledge….., and to help you {comprehend} just A little more my Students at our FLAT EARTH Magical Academies…..., think of the Snake Symbols “for our” Biological SOLID BLACK EYES cause they are fluid within our bodies……., and CLEAR EYES are The Eagles, and this WAR Destroyed the Whole of our {Home World} in the GREAT Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854…

No more MUD FLOODS!!!! No more Cataclysm of Weather Weapons of HARRP AND DARPA and no more 5G Cell Tower (COVID19) Vaccines on our Cells and Membranes within OUR PROPERTY “that being” our Blood, and our Bones, and Our Flesh!!!

The King of ANGELS AND DEMONS has spoken….


The POLICE are all FREE MASON that are walking away to come back as G4S Academy BLACK WATER U.N. Troops known as INTERNATIONALIST Corporate C.O.P.S.


The Green hat`


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