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YouTube's Crackdown On its Content Policy Has Guntubers Launching Their Own Platforms

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Published on 20 Apr 2018 / In News and Politics

YouTube cracked down on videos involving guns, so firearms enthusiasts are building their own platforms.

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Michael 5 months ago

Well what did we expect from gun grabbing hypocrites . Thank you ugetube our liberty's are safe with you.

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WRDell 5 months ago

So sick of youtubes censorship. Thank you for giving us another option.

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JohnnyBlackcloud 6 months ago

Screw YouTube and their commie ways. Thanks UGE!

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Brother Dubious
Brother Dubious 6 months ago

Looking great! Thank you for doing this.

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11C1P Airborne Infantry

Would love to see a few of these small gun friendly & other all around freedom friendly video hosting sites join forces to make it easier to find everything on one site.

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