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You don't have to be rich you just need to work as Humans at war with these nonhumans in our Avatars

Johnny Exodice
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Published on 06 Sep 2020 / In Film and Animation

You are A Container…

You are filled with a vast array of information and past experience, and you can make a difference in this world if you so want too… Let no man or wombman: say you are nothing, you don’t matter, you can not change the course of OUR STORY for that would be only something a fool living in a world of lies would choose to do, and we Whom are Pak-Toe do not follow the ways of The Racka!!! In our travels too seek the knowledge of this place called PURGATORY that we are all born into, we can see it is a Real Life 3D Celestial Sphere SIMULATION for we Celestial Beings in these Flesh, and Blood, and Bones Body Temple Avatars that we all are so born into, and now that INFORMATION has begun to creep back into our brains, and minds, and souls, we shall no longer bow down to the people we do so employ for they have all become WORTHLESS Servants Just AS Christ Jesus did so speak of these Demons, and Devils, and Angels…

We have wanted to know WHY did the UNITED NATIONS U.S. Flag Military Destroy KOREA in 1954, and what was the purpose of that INVASION by U.N. Troops in 1954??? Have you ever heard of a Kingdom called Saipan that embraced Japan, Korea, China, India, the Philippians, Vietnam, and many others just as there once was An EMPIRE called France before the FRENCH REVOLUTION... Most measurably if these Kingdoms and Empires existed then there was a Time Russia and the USA were “one people” called The Tar Tars with our Tar Tan Patterns in our Kingdom of Tartaria, and before these FAKE JEWS were Called Jews or even ISRAEL they were known as The Chaldean's in the old Jewish bible called the OLD TESTAMENT, as we the people did our best to live in the NEW TESTAMENT of one people, one law, and one god called OUR God in the Book of Revelation…

It is quite EVIDENT the U.N. is not the Globalist, but only the FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST with their Jesuit Zionist ROMAN Talmudic life style of Demolay – Jobs Daughters – Rainbow Girls, and Shriners of EASTERN STARS mothers and father whom send we nonmason Populations of the world off to do WAR IS MURDER!!! As These People called THEY LIVE make WE ARE the people watch all their TV Shows, Their Fashions, Their Religions, and Their WORSHIP of WAR IS MURDER!!! If you have never read a work of the BOOK OF EXODICE, well, this is just one among thousands of thoughtful insights from Our Oracle for the End of Purgatory in the Year of our Lord 2094 C.E. and all the things mentioned in this one little thoughtful thinking can be investigated and researched, and I would Encourage you to do so` whilst these U.N. FLAGS have put all of we the people under House Arrest…

Now, I am just an ordinary guy, I like my dick sucked, and I like too lick the tunnel of the entry port known as the Chamber of the Womb, or the PORTAL into this Realm, and since Our God now teaches WE THE PEOPLE what is Kind, and what is Cruel, do not have ABORTIONS no more, nor allow the STATE FLAG to own the Birth Right of your PROPERTY known as Our Children!!! For if you allow the GOVERNMENT whom lives off your Welfare Known as Taxes – Taxes – Taxes, then they will take your property, and make it their property, and THEY LIVE will have your babies raised by the state to TAKE A KNEE to their Flag of Wars, and Debts, and Servitude, and as Celestial Beings in these Body TEMPLE Avatars that` just will not do when WE ARE “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition…

Johnny Exodice


After Jesus and Satan did their 1,000 years war in the Book of Books, there was almost NO Human Life left in the Real Celestial Sphere home world we come from now that we are Born into this Holographic Virtual Reality SIMULATION where we have but A SHORT TIME till this Video Game Life plays out as The Watchers from the Book of Enoch have returned being them White Luminaries and Orbs so often called UFO, but we know they are the Angels of Their God, not Our God!!!

The Sentinel…


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