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Zero Point : Volume II - The Structure of Infinity

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Published on 06 Jul 2018 / In Film and Animation

Following on from the information covered in Zero Point : Volume I - Messages from the Past, Volume II - The Structure of Infinity takes a more focused look at the fractal nature of the Universe. Through examination of The Mandlebrot set and Fractal Geometry, Zero Point : Volume II takes us on a journey through the Fractal Universe culminating in a paradigm shifting view on the nature of reality itself. The existence of the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio throughout the natural world and in the ancient megaliths featured in Vol I are fundamental clues in uncovering the true nature of reality. Only by re-examining what we think we know can we pave the way for a future of prosperity based on the ideas and scientific discoveries touched upon in this film. Dedicated to the expansion of the perceptions of possibility I give you Zero Point : Volume II - The Structure of Infinity

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