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X01 PDW Chassis for P320 - In-Depth Technical Overview

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Published on 09 Jan 2019 / In News and Politics

(No gun sales) The X01 is a drop-in PDW chassis for the Sig Sauer® P320 / P250 / M17 / X-Five. The X01 is made in the USA.

0:39 Basic Overview
3:47 Initial Assembly
4:45 Installing the Magazine Release
7:01 Installing the Trigger Mechanism
15:33 Installing the Slide
17:30 Charging Handle Functionality
20:52 Barrel Sizes // Muzzle Devices
24:55 Installing an X-Five Slide
26:32 Aftermarket Accessories // Arm Brace Installation
32:19 Magazine Compatibility
33:44 Charging Handle Components (Switching Between Compact / Full Size Configs)

Digital user manual available at Fire Control Unit's website.

"P320", "P250", "M17", and "X-Five" are trademarks of Sig Sauer® Corp, which is not affiliated with this product or brand.

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