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Peace Terrorist
Peace Terrorist - 243 Views
Published on 01 Feb 2020 / In Entertainment

dr Meno goes off on all the the religious freaks who say "GOD BLESS AMERICA'. He claims that if there were a god he would not be blessing America but rather be damning America. Because of the history of the USA in murdering pillaging stealing the land and the native people. He says America is guilty of the largest genocides of human history. And we are still getting into wars and stealing resources around the world and killing people needlessly for corporate greed. This is by no means under the blessings of any GOD.
This video I stumbled across explains my and proves my position. On how evil the use is.

if we had a civil war in the USA. Against the US government. Where it is the states united fighting back against the DC crowd of corruption. Whom, may be just a bunch of freedom fighters trying to restore the constitution. Who would be the country or entity that would be funding the freedom fighters? China? Russia? Mexico? Private entities? And if We wanted to take over the banks and revolt, through the fiscal revolution too. Who would be backing us up? And funding us.
I, Dr. Meno would like to introduce you to a new internet radio station. Our emphasis and theme will be the Ex Patriot from all countries. We chose this means of media as our content is not allowed on conventional radio stations. We are RADIO PACIFICO SUR de COSTA RICA and our web address is www.radiopacsur.com. Please go to this site to listen live. We will be playing a range of great music from the Latino genre to many of the great Gringo classics. We will also be presenting, "The Wolfman Jack Show" re-broadcasts. In the evenings, Dr. Meno will be having a talk format dealing with the issues that affect our daily life's struggles. These will include the economy, politics, corruption, and corporate take-over and transgressions.
Once again Dr. Meno rises again to expose THE FISCAL REVOLUTION, www.thefiscalrevolution.com, with a group of FISCAL FUGITIVES, www.fiscalfugitives.org. If you join our fiscal revolution, we'll make you an honorary Fiscal Fugitive. How? You can join by, emailing us at radiopacsur@gmail.com. OR visit the above sites.
Free speech is no longer existent in the United States, and as result, we have relocated our radio program to Costa Rica. Radio Pacifico Sur de Costa Rica also plans to promote the tourist industry of Costa Rica. and at the same time expose the myths you may be reading on line. We want to tell the truth about visiting and living in Costa Rica. We encourage all of you to share your stories with us. We will also have tourist information, real estate for sale, and property managing to serve you in the Pacific South Zone of Costa Rica. I hope you will click in and give us a listen. Most of all, contribute your opinions of the current worldly events. Sincerely, Dr Meno, your host for the Fiscal Revolution.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 5 months ago

Teacher…, What is this “Pure Blood” you keep saying you have……..., and that we all Share…….., this {Christ Blood} +=+ you speak of??? You would do well to know that there is “more to this world” then the MATERIAL Crap you are told to bow down too……., and Worship!!! For to Worship is too Beg…..., and we of “Pak-Toe” do not beg… Sadly….., those possessed by these PARASITES known as the Racka…., and we will continue to use “the Term” / * \ FREE MASON LODGE MEMBERS to make a “Distinction” between we of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION..., and them and their [United Nations] [{**}] International Mafia of freemason INTERNATIONALIST Lodges… You see.., to be one with the Source of All Creation., and the Source of All Destruction, you must “be aware” of the Spirit Esoteric Electromagnetic SIMULATION we all live in “that is this” [{*}] Celestial Sphere Home World of PURGATORY… We see all “is just Lies” and Deceptions by these DECEPTICONS with their Con Jobs where we the “nonmason” Populations of the world pay all the Taxes – Tithes – Tribute to Their RELIGIONS and Their Governments and “Their Schools of Academies” from Hollow Wood People to Bollywood Dancing Fools and Idiots!!! How can it be that WE PAY THEM to Represent us when “they live off” our WELFARE every time we are TAXED on our Houses, and our Cars, and our food, and our Needs??? Since they are getting just a Donation, and NOT A GIFT, there is a Responsibility to USE OUR MONEY “for our” Needs…., and not these JADE HELM 15 [PROJECT BLUE BEAM] G4S U.N. Troops Wearing our Military UNIFORMS, our Police Officers Fashion Statements, and any from a “Court Room Judge” to the Town Mayor are under OUR Guidance…., and yet, they keep saying: We Will Write THE LAWS in your Lands, and you nonmason Will not be allowed to be Presidents, Kings or Queens for we have STOLEN “all you have” from your World History to your Desire for Peace among all mankind “be we” Male and Female??? They have used Ink on Paper BOOKS from the Religions no matter the RELIGION…., and they have made a Mockery of every Decent National “CONSTITUTION” be it from Palestine to Saudi Arabia from China to the USA from the Congo to Brazil…., and then these INTERNATIONALIST GLOBALIST say: We run the United Nations, and all Nations “must submit” to the will of DEPOPULATION by “REX 84” as FREE MASON have all Positions of “Highest Authority” in YOUR MILITARIZES??? In this, we carry our Printed and Signed “LEGAL DOCUMENT” being OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION that “Supersedes” all PAPAL ROMAN LAWS be they Legalize to Maritime to Admiralty Laws…., and since the FREE MASON Lodge Members and their Children are NO LONGER Hidden from us in our Communities, we shall become the New Wine Skins as we “do away with” these Old Wine Skins of Illusions and Delusions where Machine People of [Incubus and Succubus} have fed for far too long “off of” our {Hopes and Dreams] while they Never Keep their Word…., or what “THEY LIVE” have promised, and that is to “GIVE BACK” our Taxes and Donations and Tithing…., só we can “heal the world” and save all people from The EDISON Machine of Forced Technology that is a “Prison Leash” on our Mother Heaven, and Our Father Earth…. The Book of EXODICE!!!


If you can not make Antibodies, or Anti Venom, You Dead… Just know the N-VIRUS has A very Deadly Hard Core Period of at least “33 days” of pure sickness…., and then as it progresses, it MUTATES, and since the “FREE MASON Lodges” put the Novel pneumonia "Bacteria" into the VAPE OILS be they Nic-0-TEEN, or the ones they "took out" of all The Stores, them non-nicotein Candy [Fruity Flavors] só they could DESTROY the Evidence that the {Made in China} U.S. FLAG CORPORATIONS used the “Children Candy Vapes” WITHOUT Nic-0-Teen to get all kids infested, and now the NEW WORLD ORDER of the “UNITED NATIONS” being these W.H.O. and the W.T.O. can activate the Disease “within you” whenever they want by way of this 5G Super FULL SPECTRUM Microwave Radio-wave “Death Beams” where when they Raise your “Body Temperature” to the Desired [ACTIVATION] Level…., then you will begin “too fall into” the pneumonia of n-SARS…., and die a Miserable Death by your OWN GOVERNMENTS Hands...

The Society of nonmason~


Hangin out in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA with Johnny Exodice as we Go Down Below to "BLOW UP" the Fucking EDISON Man Made “Death Machine” causing all these Mud Floods…


Moreover, there is NO United States OF America for they are just a Product of the Act of 1871 that Turned OUR UNITED STATES FOR AMERICA into this U.S. FLAG Military “TERRORIST” Organization of FREE MASON Lodges “for these are the people” whom did the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 T.L. to 1854 T.L. where YOUR GOVERNMENTS – YOUR RELIGIONS – YOUR Schools of Thought and all TV Shows to Movies have “Erased what happened” in 1850 A.D. or C.E. if you like…

Q+ The Pen`


Amazing how 1/3rd of our Populations are FREE MASON Grown Ups, and Kids…., and they are the ones whom “fill all these Stadiums” while we who got STUDENT LOAN Debts off their FAKE Space…., and Fake DNA, and “Fake History” have STOLEN ALL from we The Society of nonmason~

They are all a bunch of “FOOLS” just as Jesus Christ Called them in the NEW TESTAMENT living the [Loguns RUN] 1970's Film "Rebirths" fucking DREAM!!! Idiots...


REMEMBER that before the Mud Floods we had WiFi and Colour Movies and all that, and then they BLEW UP the whole FLAT EARTH and took all from us “even them} Mason Stone Building Schools that made them “Amazing Sky Rises” from the Pre- 850 A.D. “Mass Extinction” by these "SPECULATIVE" FREE MASON LODGES…., and that is why they must be Silenced once and for all…



Finally to all nonmason "RESISTANCE" Fighters be you in The Police, or The Military, The Governments, The Schools, and “too be certain” anyone the FREE MASON Lodge members do not like in YOUR HOME TOWNS, they will Call FREE MASON in HOMELAND SECURITY – FEMA – ICE to say you got the “Q-Virus” of Novel Death…., and then your Local FREE MASON C.O.P.S. will Red FLAG You, and “shoot you dead” on the spot rather then waste the TIME Dragging you off to Trumps 10,000 FEMA “MENTAL WARDS” and RECOVERY CAMPS!!!!

Therefore, use your “Decentralized Ways” to kill them first…., and then take their I.D. and use the [DMV nonmason] to put your Faces on their FREE MASON {National I.D. Cards} in all Lands “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION!!!!

The Commander~



UGETube.com >>> Johnny Exodice

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