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Witchcraft and sorcery complete unedited program James Whale UK

Gee Gee Tee
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Published on 31 May 2020 / In News and Politics

James Whale late night show ITV television UK
With Chris Bray of. the Sorcerers Apprentice Occult shop Leeds and High Priestess Patricia Crowther.... Witch debate about satanic child abuse with James whale and MP and Catholic priest..full show unedited ....Lively!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Fifth Meeting of the Space Command

The FREE MASON think we NONMASON “do not know” how to break their [code system] /_\ where the U.S. FLAG is just one of {192 U.N. FLAGS} / * \ seeking Total World Domination on this FLAT EARTH Plane by keeping the masses “Preoccupied” with a fake V.I.R.U.S. (COVID19) World Wide Celestial Sphere LOCK DOWN……..., so THEY LIVE have the time to set up ICBM Missiles that is a Nuclear Hydrogen “Launch” Locations all over THE ICE WALL of our FLAT EARTH Realm…….., and Reality……., and in that` betray all “192 U.N. FLAGS” to use any point ICBM Launches from anywhere on the “360 Degree” circumference of the ICE WALLS “in our” Enclosed Universe Cosmology…. Now for the FREE MASON Pyramid People…..., I can see the Appeal to use NASA to do this even at the DEATH [of these] [{**}] 50 STATES FOR AMERICA….

You my “nonmason” Populations….., and LEADERS of all NATIONS might want to “reconsider” the Ramifications of the U.S. FLAG {SPACE FORCE} [{*}] of the AIR FORCE of JADE HELM 15…., and PROJECT BLUE BEAM having the ability to launch NUCLEAR HYDROGEN WEAPONS on (all land masses) from the ICE WALL inside our Celestial Sphere FLAT EARTH Reality..., and if you think NASA would not turn on WE The U.S. Citizens.?.?.?.?.?, you are poorly informed why they use THE CODE WORD American.., and “American Citizens” on the TV all the time cause they are talking to their FREE MASON Kids and Grown Ups whom have “betrayed” their OATH OF OFFICE to the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION, FLAGS, and Nations!!!!

Surly, anyone whom is a Judge or Police Officer to any “Military Person” whom can achieve the Insight to the ART OF WAR can see these Traitors doing Sedition and “High Treason” at the Fifth Meeting of the National Space Council are using the Minnesota FAKED DEATH of a “Black Man” and TV Show {Crises Actors} to do RIOTS and Protest to put MILITARY Boots on the Ground “of our” 50 STATE BOARDERS, FLAGS, and CONSTITUTIONS whom are not U.S. Military, but just U.N. Troops [wearing our] Police and Military and National to Coast Guard UNIFORMS as Costumes, and any Mayor to County to City Official whom partakes “of this” TREACHERY need to be executed in SECRET, so we the people may gain Access to our MARSHAL and Sheriff “Police Armories” for Community SELF PROTECTION from these “Profane” FREE MASON in our home towns as Conspirators of this W.H.O. (COVID19) World Domination Plot….

If you are a Human “Thinking” Being……., your Leaders of all U.N. FLAGS have “betrayed you” to Evil Vile Wicked PROFANE “Spirits” in their minds that we call [Insectatoid] +=+ Machine People and Machine Minds from EVERYONE on YouTUBE to your local TV that “will not” teach you Our FLAT EARTH, Our Celestial Sphere, or that we live in “Purgatory” as Celestial Beings…. Allow these 5G Eugenics TOWERS and Time “Warping” Weapons too STAND among your towns and cities, and I assure you the END will always “be the same” with SELF Annihilation by AUTOMATION DRONE ATTACKS till all life, not just human life` is dead dead dead, and we resemble that “Holographic” Moon in the Sky of a Dead Celestial Sphere!!!

Johnny Exodice


These FREE MASON American Citizens Do not Speak in vane my “so called” GLOBAL CITIZENS!!! Nor are they Friendlies my U.S. Citizens…..




Those are NOT Rockets they are TESTING “in these” Launches, they are WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!!

The Commander~


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