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Why is Chile the Neoliberal Laboratory of the World? | AJ+

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 69 Views
Published on 29 Nov 2019 / In Film and Animation

Chileans are protesting against President Sebastián Piñera and a neoliberal system that they claim has failed. This is the story of how Chile came to be called the “neoliberal laboratory of the world’ ... and it even involves the CIA.

#Chile #Neoliberalism #Politics

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 8 months ago

When The SOUL has no home…

Knowing we once were {A United People} called the Tartarians….., and then some mass attack was put upon us in [a most detrimental element] +=+ in our current fight for survival as the Human Domain… AS King of you Angels and Demons…., I am astounded how {The Darker Skins} of our People have been placed in bondage by [The Lighter Skins] / * \ of our World Populations..., but in a world where {Communist FEDERALIST} [{**}] Capitalism is the name of the game.., and these PARASITES [whom infest] our Flesh and Blood and Bones Bodies in the ESOTERIC World., you can {begin to comprehend} how these GOLEM SPIRITS took over our Side of the FLAT EARTH, and that [we must battle] [{*}] in flesh and blood and bones to take back OUR KINGDOM of Pak-Toe and Defeat the Racka {FREE MASON Lodges} once and for all as The Society of nonmason~ For these light skins [are no darker} then my Skin Tone and as the King {of Angels and Demons] I demand all skin tones equal under the RULE OF LAW FOR OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION!!!

THEY LIVE used Weapons [of Mass Destruction] to Wipe our Memories, kill our moms and dads and Elder Guardians to steal [WE THE CHILDREN] to be raised on FREE MASON lies as these FREE MASON are the {True Slave Populations} cause THEY KNOW this Purgatory used to be {good for all} be you good or evil, kind or cruel, nice or defiant, but to [[[the Gauges]]] these Monsters have Taken Brutality {is beyond deficient} in ones thinking…., it is MACHINE… This EDISON that we all know {where it is located} must be POWERED DOWN, and dismantled to STOP the infiltration {of our peoples minds} with COLOURS of Sorcery and Pills of Alchemy and Drugs of Drug Dealers {them Hospitals and Shriners} we do not need, nor will we allow any more [FREE MASON C.O.P.S.] To take our kin, rather we will just {shoot them dead} and PUT OUR nonmason Identity on them!!!!

You see……., we are not at war [with another] people…., for we are all Tartarian no matter how you were raised be you FREE MASON or NONMASON, but the {crux of the matter} is that The GOLEM Gargoyle Ghouls have wiped [THE PERSON] in the Flesh, and become the THOUGHTS in their spirit [in words] and minds…., and this is why we must kill or be killed, this is why we must destroy or be destroyed, and this is why as The Society of nonmason, we can [not have peace] with these FREE MASON Lodges or those {whom attend them} cause they IMPOSE all the MACHINE LAWS that {are detrimental} to Human Biology and all Life from Plants to Water to Air… In this, my nonmason populations…., we will [not buy] their crap, wear their makeup, nor shall we dress like them {to blend in} for the TIME OF [THE END] OF AN AGE IS NOW…

You must {consider well} that NO PERSON has the right [to say they are] better then you cause in the beginning of birth to THE next {transition in death] we are all PERSONS……, not Kings or Queens, not Rulers or Dictators, not Masters or Slaves for [WE ARE} THE WORKERS!!! We Are The Builders!!! We design [all things] cause WE ARE THE PEOPLE, and we do not {need to pay} people to REPRESENT US, nor Throw us away [for LAWS] we do not agree…., and when all money is OUR MONEY…., then we shall no longer allow {these United Nations] of SATAN Governments to TAX US – Tithes Us – Take Tribute [From WE ARE} The Person to Give to them {just another PERSON} while our Persons lie dead and broken and homeless in The Streets… The Green Gloves of the Purple Coats…

Johnny Exodice

There is a STAR FORT on this Yellow White and Blue Flag!!! How about dat???


So this is their FREE MASON Version of NATO while FREE MASON run the other side called NATO!!! Wake up my nonmason populations, and do not let these GOLEM use you to kill other nonmason anymore... The Commander~ [///|||\\\]

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