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Who Is Bill Gates? - James Corbett Full Documentary, 2020

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Published on 19 Jun 2020 / In News and Politics

TRANSCRIPT AND DOWNLOAD: https://www.corbettreport.com/gates/

Just in time for #ExposeBillGates Global Day of Action, The Corbett Report is releasing the full Who Is Bill Gates? documentary in a single upload. Please help to spread the word about this documentary, including the audio and video downloads and hyperlinked transcript at http://www.corbettreport.com/gates
Who Is Bill Gates? - James Corbett Full Documentary, 2020

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Stand by The Principles That Made You

Even If I knew this place was not PURGATORY, and that I had been sent here to be Healed, and Redeemed, I would never choose the way of the PROFANE freemason Lodge Members… It is evident that All MASONS are Slave Masons whom do as they are TOLD, not as they should think, and this is a complication in our world when 1/3rd of the entire WORLD POPULATION are filled with EVIL SPIRITS, and what do we mean by the word Evil Spirit.?.?.? Have you ever considered why you are able to think, and not continue to fall for the Lies and Illusions of FAKE PEOPLE, and their Fake News, and their Fake Space, and their Fake Religions` for too become a FREE MASON, you must join their RELIGION… Moreover, once you have Taken a BLOOD OATH to be a Liar, and A Thief, and Promote WAR WAR WAR all the days of your life, what does that say about you, and how you VALUE the Life of a Human Being Soul, when you now no longer have one???

These #QANON think Trump is a God, and the 33rd Degree MASONS believe the Pope is Christ Jesus in the Flesh and Blood and Bones, but we know that Trump is nothing more then one of us, as is this Mortal Corporeal Carnal Man The Pope……., and they are nothing more then People and Persons among WE THE PEOPLE of People and Persons……, and as “The Vatican” Sells out The CATHOLICS to MADE IN CHINA….., Trump has sold out The Republicans, and the Tea Party to become the PATSIES to take the blame for White Racist KKK “Gun Toting” Red Necks… It is unimaginable to many that our NATIONS Leaderships have always played WE THE PEOPLE cause they live off [Our Welfare] known as TAXES and Church Donations, and they live as Kings and Queens ABOVE not Among us as a True Leader Would…….., and even though China can Build FEMA HOMELAND SECURITY “ICE” Concentration Camps for DACA in 10 days off their Community and Citizens TAXES…….., that does not mean they love us…

The Chinese President “Emperor” his Ecellency and MAJESTY of the U.N. FLAG Is rounding up CATHOLICS in China…., and Trump and Pence are “SILENT” and fellow Fraternal Brothers of the this U.N. FLAG on this Matter..., and say not one thing that the Pope {Made a Deal} /_\ with The COMMUNIST to say, we will “say nothing” on the Media about your Taking down the Christian Churches in China as we all play this game of Musical Chairs called (COVID19) where everyone now knows there is no VIRUS.., but there is a Bank Holiday Today Friday the 19th of June in the year 2020 A.D. of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ., and “too think” after all the Violence of Antifa and BLACK LIVES MATTER, we are still called AFRICAN [americans] / * \ and not Native Born Dark Skin U.S. Citizens??? Is this the Virtues of the ADMINISTRATION to have Concerts and TRUMP Rallies as U.S. Citizens are being told “what to do” [{**}] by these People whom do not uphold Their OATH OF OFFICE, and do you even know what “The Oath Of Office” means as a Constitutional Citizen of your Country???

Would it matter to you if the Whole Wide “Media” [{*}] from Books to TV to Internet YouTube Was all a lie to keep you trapped +=+ in PURGATORY, so you could “never go home” to your real body, or your real people, and that you would stay here on this FLAT EARTH “Celestial Sphere” Simulation to Repeat your life for all time cause you just (won’t be honest) with YOUR SELF, or with those whom know you??? This I can not speak for you, but I know “the way” home, and it is not in WAR’ for too do murder for “any reason” is Racka, and as a Member, Constituent, and Representative “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, I know Murder [is necessary] when all world Leaders are FREE MASON {lodge members} with EVIL SPIRITS as their IN GOD WE TRUST, and as Pak-Toe, the Racka must go, or we shall and will NEVER “return to” the Golden Age here in Purgatory…

Johnny Exodice


WE ARE the people….., and the Blood Line of the Pineapple…..., and we will kill all “whom are” the Blood Line of The Snake and The Eagle…


The Society of nonmason~


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