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Whistleblower: UK Government Doesn't Want To Lift The Lockdown

Gee Gee Tee
Gee Gee Tee - 169 Views
Published on 12 May 2020 / In News and Politics

This is a must watch.. it will open your eyes and reveal what is going on! Very factual and evidencnce
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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Brown Beautiful Poo Poo

You thought SEX WAS EVIL.?.?.? Then why does Sexual Intercourse “do so” GIVE Birth to you???? How could the Suckling of the Vagina that tastes like {MILK and HONEY} and the Canal too your Birth Right be a Sin??? You People of RELIGION Raised by ways of [Ink on Paper] [{**}] think them texts, and scripts are THE WORD OF G.O.D. ?/?/? I have too say` you do not know enough Big Words too know what THE WORD (actually means) +=+ when it comes to Christ Jesus – Buddha – Mohammad, or your FREE MASON God of “Fuckery” the Holy Roman Catholic Vatican Pope that is the True FAKE JEW whom are not JEWS in the Book of Revelation, and {the one} of many EVIL ONES!!!

Do you really find it so hard to think [for your self] /_\ my child??? Did I not endow you with mind, and presence, and energy!!! Did I not put the “Spark of life” / * \ that made you into this Celestial Being inside this Celestial Sphere FLAT DUAL EARTH home world of “Purgatory” where you do not have to spend your whole fucking life fighting and “dueling” within your own damn mind…. You see my PERSON, no matter your age or {placement} [{*}] in this VIDEO GAME SIMULATION LIFE, you do STILL have the right too exist……..., and make your own way “into anything” you so desire be it GOOD, or evil…. That is your right` no matter how much wealth…….., how much abuse……., and how many lies these FREE MASON (COVID19) Lodge Members feed you my “nonmason” populations “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition…

I was born to be something “wonderful” and wondrous!!! I was born to sing……, and dance….., and hold…., and hug..., and find Romance.., but all you FRAT BOYS., and SORORITY GIRLS wants to do is hit, and hurt, and HAZE we the “nonmason” of this town, and I just ain’t down with that!!! You feed us Poison in the Cheap Booze that turns our Shit “Black” cause you be adding Lead and Mercury too the mixture of your Alchemy known as THE CRAFT!!! Your Cobe Burger Corona Beer Bat Snake VIRUS People of these HOSPITALS and POLICE Departments keep clapping your hands as we all know you are Them “U.N. FLAGS” GLOBAL CITIZENS, and you no longer “belong” to any nation from China to Russia to all these Pukes and Cucks and Slags whom have Thrown Away their OATH OF OFFICE “to their” State Flags – State Constitutions – State BOARDERS with all your fucking TRUMP WALLS of COLONY Season 1 -2 -3…

You think I don’t know how to POWER DOWN your “whole” fucking house, and kill your free mason children.?.?.? I am The ENTITY and my Viciousness now belongs “to them” The Society of nonmason whom do so have the Holy Water “Spirit” known as the comforter [my counterpart] and my REDEEMER……., and you free mason DEMOLAY – JOBS DAUGHTERS – RAINBOW GIRLS are going to be the “first ones” we The Society of nonmason kidnap, rape, torture, and maybe allow you too live [as an example} by #QANON too all FREE MASON C.O.P.S. be they your father or mother as A Judge, A Congress, A Senate, A Parliament “person” living off our WELFARE TAXES for you do not UPHOLD our STATES CONSTITUTIONS……., and we that ARE the “poor and needy” Paying TAXES every time we buy a Candy Bar now “know” what BIG WORDS mean, so you can no longer talk crap “to our faces” with all your BIG FUCKING “Privileged” Words!!!!

Johnny Exodice

They like to call themselves The Rich and The Famous, and they never do “any damn thing” to help we the people THEIR FELLOW CITIZENS From Hollywood too Bollywood and all other THEME PARK ESTABLISHMENTS and Cities run by G4S…..


The Society of nonmason~


If there are no “RIGHTS” known as our STATES NATIONAL “COUNTRIES” CONSTITUTIONS, then the Police Are Illegal, The C.O.P.S. are illegal, the Military and even G4S are illegal…, and in that` it makes YOUR GOVERNMENTS ILLEGAL!!!!! You would [do well] to put them “in their place” before THEY PUT YOU IN THEIRS!!!!!


The Commander~


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O.KOI 2 months ago

You are an idiot.

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