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While On A NYC Subway Platform He Found These Rare Vintage Polaroids From The Set Of Rocky Horror

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Published on 10 Jun 2018 / In Entertainment

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The Rocky Horror Show started out as an experimental piece of fringe theater and – in the words of its writer Richard O’Brien – “three weeks of fun” on a small London stage. But once a talented group of actors got their hands on the script, the musical soon became one of the most beloved and original productions of all time.

In the early ’70s, then, O’Brien and his cross-dressing crew took their comedy-horror show on the road, traveling from London to Broadway and across the world. In 1975, moreover, the super-camp singalong was picked up by 20th Century Fox and turned into a movie, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. So began its transformation into a cult phenomenon with legions of diehard fans.

One such diehard fan is Larry Viezel. Viezel really loves The Rocky Horror Show. In fact, as he himself put it to New York’s PIX11 in April 2016, “To say I’m a superfan is an understatement.” Viezel has traveled to watch his favorite show being performed across the globe and has organized no fewer than seven Rocky Horror conventions. He also runs two websites dedicated to the musical and has even co-written a book on the topic.

Plus, Viezel has actually starred in Rocky Horror productions himself, variously appearing as both the Criminologist and Eddie. Not only that, but he’s produced a documentary about the musical, too: Rocky Horror Saved My Life. So yeah, he’s a pretty big fan. It’s no surprise, then, that Viezel is also the proud owner of a huge collection of Rocky Horror collectables, pictures and keepsakes. In fact, over the years he’s cultivated one of the biggest compilations of artifacts in the whole of Rocky Horror fandom.

But five years ago, Viezel lost a very important part of his treasured collection: a series of original Polaroid photographs snapped during the making of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. And it was quite a loss, too: these old pictures offered a rare and fascinating behind-the-scenes peek at the iconic movie and the now-famous stars who had helped make it a classic.

The 1975 film featured many of the stage actors who had starred in the very first Rocky Horror performance back in 1973, including Tim Curry, Patricia Quinn, Neil Campbell and Richard O’Brien. Fox Studios did, however, add a couple of Hollywood names – namely, Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick.

But the young cast didn’t gather in a regular film studio to shoot this ’70s classic. No, they spent six weeks filming in a derelict Victorian building in England, which had previously been used to film a horror flick. And, luckily, someone was on hand with a Polaroid camera to capture all the intriguing, behind-closed-doors action.

Viezel’s fascinating snaps reveal the cast in the iconic costumes and gender-bending makeup that helped make Rocky Horror an icon of both stage and screen. The candid Polaroids show the movie’s actors in apparently unguarded moments – and seemingly having a ton of fun in the process, too.


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