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Where are Todays Ethical and Moral Counselors and Advisors

Peace Terrorist
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Published on 22 Feb 2020 / In Entertainment

dr Meno discusses, Why we don't have in today's societies we don't have a host of moral and ethical advisers. Why in every great society in mankind's past, The Caesars, The Egyptians, The Merlins. In future societies, of Star Trek, Doctor Who, and other SiFi programs. Even in make believe societies, Like Lilliput, and Oz. Why did they all have a moral and ethical advisors standing next to the rulers advising them on their decision making process. How come the great world societies of today don't have that Ethical and Moral figure around. NOT including religious clergy as an advisor. Today in the USA we call these advisors, political advisers, lawyers, campaign donors, capitalist, corporate bastards. These are among the most unethical people around. But yet they are the ones guiding our policy makers. Influencing their decisions for THEIR good, and not for the good of the general public. It is a simple process to adhere too. It is simple to implement an Utilitarian, Golden Rule, or Verstehen, from a MetaEthicist. A Philosopher King as described in Plato's Republic.
It is a crying shame we don't rely on these great thinkers to guide us through life. To organize our societies. To control our politicians. To crush the takeover of the NWO. No wonder we are in crisis. We are surviving without moral and ethical guidance. Going astray and on the path of self destruction.
BUT as I said in the video, No one wants to hear our crap.


originally posted, Feb 10, 2012

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