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When This Photographer Was Bitten By A Deadly Snake, He Risked His Life By Continuing The Shoot

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Published on 08 Jul 2018 / In Entertainment

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Image: Mark Laita via Transformation X https://goo.gl/UxnAoA
It had been interesting photographing the deadly snakes, and so far he had been well prepared. This snake was so laid back, though, unlike some of the others he had snapped. Suddenly, all that changed. He looked down and saw the venomous serpent, fangs-deep in his thigh.

Mark Laita is a photographer who has been in the industry for more than 20 years. During that time, he has made an impression in the world of advertising. In fact, he has worked with some of the world’s leading advertising agencies.
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Laita’s unique photography has appeared in campaigns for Adidas, BMW and even technology giant, Apple. No doubt the experience helped when he started releasing his own books, the first of which arrived in 2010. But in recent years, Laita became known for a different reason altogether.

Laita was working on another book, which he called Serpentine. “My intention was to explore color, shape and movement, using snakes as a subject,” he told Wired on February 22, 2013. “But of course herpetologists will probably enjoy these photographs as well.”


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Image: Mark Laita via Transformation X / Strange Behaviors

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