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When Did You Realize The MSM Is Fake News?

Gee Gee Tee
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Published on 23 Jun 2019 / In News and Politics

At the Presidents Campaign KickOff rally for his 2020 bid Millie Weaver asks rally goers "When did you first realize the mainstream media was fake news". During Trumps campaign speech at the rally attendees chanted "fake news" at the media pit and CNN cut their broadcast short.

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MarxNutz 8 months ago

For me, the first time I really saw them for what they were was during the Lewinsky scandal and the Dems came out virtually every day saying "This does not rise to the level of impeachment", and no one took them to task for that. I went to the radio dial to get another point of view, and I've been a listener of Rush Limbaugh since.

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