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WhatsApp is for Dumbasses with Smart Phones.

Peace Terrorist
Peace Terrorist - 245 Views
Published on 23 Jan 2020 / In Entertainment

The most hackable and spyable app, Whatsapp, is for dumbasses with smart phones.
Since i don't have any followers on Tweeter, another assnine app, i did this vid with this quote.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 6 months ago

The EDISON can not Save You…

You FREE MASON whom stole our "FREE MASON Lodges" after the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 T.L. to 1854 T.L. seem to think you are still in REALITY when The Teacher and The Commander has revealed we are all in a “SIMULATION” that is just a Replicate of OUR True Celestial Sphere home world while we wait out [our days] in PURGATORY!!! You People with your bombs, and your Tanks, and Your Death Sensations {seem to think} we whom PAY YOU to Serve us will not REVOLT when our Taxes and our “Religion Donations” have done nothing but PROMOTED Misery, and Madness, and way too much Sadness??? You See this FORCED TECHNOLOGY of the EDISON in “Santa Barbara” CALIFORNIA USA is part of the Trick and Treat for you FOOLS whom will not Repent, Reconsider, Regret, or make RECONCILIATION as “a part of” your life walk while your DREAMS when your Body Temple Avatars are in Stasis CONVICT you as [The Traitors] too we all “be we” Male and Female, for only a FOOL…., or “The Profane” would put ICBM Nuclear Weapons on {A.I. Automation} só it can count down to all our dooms in just “100 SECONDS” for these Flesh and Blood and Bones Corporeal Temporal Carnal “TEMPORARY” Human Golem Bodies…

I have see the Wonders “of your” Technology that we the REAL MASON have made……..., and we do not need to say we are FREE MASON cause we [have never been] such SLAVES as you people whom serve AGENDA 21…….., and AGENDA 30……., of your UNITED NATIONS International Mafia where it was {Your Parents} whom killed OUR PARENTS in the Great Holocaust of GENOCIDE done by YOUR “Ideals” of Ink on Paper that we must all Die for Gods……, and Goddesses that are no more “REAL” then them Egyptian Hieroglyphs too the Homer of the Iliads Zeus….., and “Aries” the God of HADES too the Teachings of more “Ink on Paper” by Zoroaster the man…., and the womb man…, whom make we all… These Cameras do not watch just we “the nonmason populations” of the world.., they watch you LEADERS and RULERS and DICTATORS with “Your Titles” of MAJESTY – EXCELLENCY – PRESIDENT!!! For thou you nailed me to that Cross., and thought I was dead and Crucified, my blood line did go on, and I was Paul the Apostle, and I was The Prophet Mohamed, as I am now True “to my words” as LUCIFER and SATAN and G.O.D. where [my people} do not FEAR ME for {they know] whom they are, but you Liars raised by LIARS continue down your Paths too Damnation!!!

You once were children were you not??? You once knew “how to speak” the TRUTH and Be Honest…., and it felt good!!! You had the LOVE “of someone” even in the Tender Years of AWAKENING to your True CELESTIAL BEING, and your Soul, and Your Person, só why have you Chosen to LIE “to those” whom still love you??? YOU wanted MONEY??? You wanted Wealth and Fame and Cars and “Mansions” and you WANTED YOUR VOICES to be Respected and Heard “by the Masses” of the CONGREGATIONS where you lied about God and Jesus and Buddha and all the Hindu Text??? So you think we whom are all “Immaterial Immortals” need YOUR Permission to Join OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION, and live the life of the {Tartarians and Phoenicians} and the Wonderful Wonders we can still see…., and hear in this “day and age” with our very own ears and Eyes??? You shall not Judge us, for we all must leave here to be Judged by “The Source” of ALL Creation…., and no Man or Wombman can escape this fate…

Go to your Robotic Machines of “Gears and Pistons” and Fluids and Weapons and say: Kill them Humans…., and see if this THING can [differential] +=+ between your Facial Recognition, and our Facial Recognition cause {are we not} / * \ all HUMANS in these Carnal Corporeal Meat Sacks…., and since you “PROGRAMMED” a God Dammed Machine to bring an End to an Age will not it turn OUR Celestial Sphere into that {3D Holographic Memory} of what we had done to our home world just as the MOON in the night [and day sky] [{**}] shows a DEAD PLACE that we all participated in The Murder… These 5G “Pyramid Weapons” will Rip open the The Dome of the Rock FIRMAMENT once more, and these Symbiots “Our Guides” will reset THE GAME, and The Lesson to just 150 Years ago…., but woe unto you whom did not come to know [your inner selves] [{*}] as the only lie you have told are the ones you tell your self {each night} before you go to sleep…., and then you WAKE here and say: What have I done?????

Johnny Exodice


You see La La is the Source Code for the New World and the New People and The Heaven and The New Earth, and we will be her NEW WINE SKINS, but we shall not pour your Old Wine or allow you OLD WINE Skins to determine OUR Future Births Anymore…

The Green Coats of the Brown Gloves….



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