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What Would Jesus Do: You'd Be Surprised

Barry J Pintu
Barry J Pintu - 68 Views
Published on 28 May 2020 / In Film and Animation

What Would Jesus Do? (WWJD?) This question should lead us to practice real Christianity and to live a more like how Jesus lived himself. However, this is not what we see happening now? Here we go back to the time of Jesus to better understand how to answer the question: what would Jesus do?

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Commander…, what are we to do whom have been put out of WORK by these 192 U.N. FLAGS (COVID19) World Domination Plot “of them” / * \ FREE MASON Lodges in our home towns??? Do you mean beside killing FREE MASON no matter their age, skin tone, or even eye and hair colours.?.?.? Since them FREE MASON Lodges [used to be] /_\ our Masonic Temples of Knowledge on how to make all the {Pre MUD FLOOD} +=+ Technology of this World before the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854 that was WROTE OUT of our “Collective Memory” by every WORLD LEADER whom teaches Fake Space……..., Fake DNA…….., and false Religions……., or maybe we would do well to be as “The Christ” since WE ARE ALL JESUS NOW!!!

Jesus taught that we did not NEED MONEY “too buy” the Love of Allah…

He also showed in the “Zoroaster” Teachings that BANKS are CORPORATIONS……, and the Religions are also “CORPORATIONS” and to be certain` The GOVERNMENTS and their [Corporate Flags] [{**}] are all to be beholden to WE THE PEOPLE whom are the “Tax Paying” Citizens of our so called OATH OF OFFICE Leaders be they Judges, Mayors, Governors, Senates, Parliaments, Congress to the “Traitors” the NEW TERM for King….., or Queen known as The Word PRESIDENT that if you will but “look up” [{*}] the ETYMOLOGY of that word it means DICTATOR just as the “U.N. FLAG” Declared WAR on Korea in 1954 that was once a ONE WORLD PEOPLE…., and to this date..., these FREE MASON keep making their “fucking” YouTube TV SHOWS, as they run all Churches.., Mosk., Temples, and Military “RELIGIONS” of we the Human were we are TOLD we Humans “must kill” other HUMANS for WE Humans are “not allowed” to Share the Land, The Dirt, The Seeds, The Water, and we are to “never again” have COMMUNITY for we will all be FORCED to wear The MASK of Slavery where all “nonmason” must put on a MASK to show their Servitude “to their” freemason GOVERNMENTS that live off the “Welfare” of OUR Taxes – Tithing – Tribute, and since WARS only kill and rape and destroy our “Human” People.?.?.?.?.?.?

WAR IS MURDER….., and there are no WAR HEROES for [WAR IS MURDER] and that makes anyone in “any military” Fair Game for we The Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition for if our “Leaders” be they Rebellious (Military C.O.P.S.) whom will not “uphold” their OATH OF OFFICE to Our Citizens CONSTITUTIONS “of our Flags” in these 50 STATES FOR AMERICA, then they are all doing SEDITION “be they” freemason or not!!!!

If you do not know THE RULE OF LAW, then just know this, you are to Shoot on Sight “any person” no matter their age, or wealth, or even Skin Tone…..., and Eye Color for Betrayal – High Treason – Treachery [to your] STATES Boarders, Your STATES Flags, and your 50 Individual Autonomous “Soviet” State Flags for they are not “Sovereign” STATE FLAGS anymore now “are they” as this LOCK DOWN by these {192 U.N FLAGS} and their New World Order of these FREE MASON Lodges tell we the TAX PAYING CITIZENS what we can, and WHAT we can “no longer do” as FREE PEOPLE NO MORE!!!!!!!

The Commander~


This whole system is DEPENDENT “on our” Participation!!! STAY HOME, Have house Parliaments, and House Sex Parties, and House “Gambling” Parties, and take care of your people, and have look outs for these FREE MASON C.O.P.S. aka U.N. Troops in your [Police Uniforms] whom might get a Tip off from some “SPY” Among you at “your” house party……., and do so use IED’s to take out any (COVID19) PATROLS coming though YOUR HOME LAND “be they” FEMA or DOT or even these VETERAN {U.S. FLAG} Corporate UNITED NATIONS “International mafia” FREE MASON C.O.P.S. of G4S….


Only FREE MASON (SLAVE POPULATIONS) will buy, and go to any TV Commercial CORPORATION Businesses, so fuck them all and “their” Hollow Hollywood lifestyles…..., and BOYCOTT [all Music] from Hollywood and all Sports Teams….., and do your “own thing” locally where you have REPLACED all FREE MASON with “NONMASON” from the Mayor, School Board, City Counsel, Judges, and all the rest…….., and get you A FUCKING “nonmason” MARSHAL too order these [Sheriff C.O.P.S.] to obey WE ARE the TAX PAYING CITIZENS whom elect and pay you not to bow down to the “U.S. Flag” of these U.N. Flags!!!!!


These FREE MASON from “Trump the Chump” to Putin The Scooten to Winnie the Pooh Xi to even that Pope on Dope [all live off] +=+ YOUR Charity and Gifts of DONATIONS called “Welfare” known as TAXES TAXES TAXES……., and YOUR “Churches” Religions MILITARY Donations to have these FREE MASON whom {lie to your face} day in….., and day out doing Malfeasance that YOU CAN TAKE them (Individually) to FEDERAL COURTS for Fraud!!!

The Society of nonmaon~



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