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Westside Baptist Church Morning Service 12-1-19.mp4

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Published on 01 Dec 2019 / In Non-profits and Activism

Listen to this message from GOD given to us through Pastor Dwight Torbett using the Gospels of Matthew, Luke and John.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 9 months ago

Commander…, how do you carry one??? Do you mean why do I stay alive after escaping Fulton County Prions with the Help of The Society of nonmason and FREE MASON working as one???? After being kidnapped by THE EIDSON, and taken into HOMELAND Security Concentration Odyssey Jail FEMA CAMP – 0003, it was made apparent that neither the FREE MASON Lodges nor we nonmason are in Charge of these People and Persons we call The INTERNATIONALIST, Something maybe Alex Jones knew as he would always call them the Globalist??? That said, Agenda 21 +30 have been Achieved, and G4S Academi BLACK WATER Private Contracted PARAMILITARIES walk our Streets from India to Germany from France to Texas from Russia with LOVE, and Made In China with Hate!!! My biggest Problem to this date is there anyone on the TV MATRIX that is real, or are we just being shown things that happened hundreds of YEARS ago before the LAST Mud Flood and Muck Reset??? I see on TV the Trump Crowds and the Q – Movement, but in REALITY I do not see these CROWDS being reported by First Hand Experience of Q – Anon or even Resistance to the Q – Movement of TRUMP and PENCE as our NEW WORLD ORDER??? I think everyone is in a state of disillusionment, and they do not have the capacity to go to TRUMP Rallies and VERIFY is there anyone there??? For I think from these Democratic Debates where Pedophile Joe Biden is still the Number one guy for PizzaGATE??? Even if I was still a Registered Democrat, and I Would be saying: Put that Zionist Child Rapist in Jail, as I was put in Prison!!! But nothing ever happens to these People from Tredoe in Canada to Macron in France to you name your nations COMPUTER GENERATION Holographic Interns…. Is anything on the MSM TV NEWS current, or are we all just watching Repeats of Past Events in our De-Ja-Vu Lives where even Miley Cyrus and Kanye West are just more PLASTIC SURGERY Remakes of these Celebrities whom died before the last World Wide Cataclysm when THE EDISON always puts out the LAWS, and we the people follow LAWS we do not agree, and we pay the Taxes that PAYS them FREE MASON C.O.P.S. to shoot us dead in Public Executions from Palestine to Zimbabwe to OUR 50 States FOR America at war with their illegal INTERNATIONALIST Government called The United States OF America and it continuing Resting of all life and all death while we watch in vain for someone else to save us???? You better go King Arthur and Kill the RED Dragon, and Robin Hood as The GREEN ARROW Crew cause they will kill us all mason or not, and then put new People Loyal to The Machine called The Edison to Raise once more under the Illusions of C.G.I. Fake Space as JADE HELM 15 is the A.I. Android and World Machines we are all at war with, so Disobey – Don Comply – Do NOT Submit!!! The Commander~ [///|||\\\]

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