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Welcome To Gray State!.mp4

Max Anderson
Max Anderson - 166 Views
Published on 28 Mar 2020 / In Film and Animation

What a Plandemic they've created. This is Blind 11 no.2. They are locking down the world without firing a shot. This was planned long ago folks.They want us to turn on each other and ask for their help. Government god won't save you friends. This includes Trump and all the other "world leaders"! Please let me know in the comments if you feel this is just a test run for something bigger or if we are actually moving to the new world system now. How do you feel about the seal and flag missing from Trumps briefings? Q followers wake up. Republicans and democrats are two sides of the same Roman coin. You are only half awake. Flip the coin over and learn the rest of the truth. The history you were taught is a complete lie.

I'm just a messenger sharing what I can. You need to do your own research friends. We have many jobs as the Body of Christ. I am called to be a watchman. You may be called to teach the gospel. Others may be called to share words of encouragement. We all have important roles! Only Jesus can save you. He is knocking on your heart right now. Open up and let him in. Their is no fear of what man can do to me when I walk 24/7/365 with the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, my savior Jesus.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Commander.., why is the UNITED NATIONS “ownership” of the U.S. Military allowing them to also own OUR 50 {States Flags} +=+ and Constitutional Militias known as our States Republics and States Common Wealth [Coast and National] /* \ Guards for does not OUR CONSTITUTIONS state them Guards are to be the Protectors “of our Boarders” and not to be used to Arrest………, and Torture…….., and Murder we the 50 STATES FOR AMERICA??? At some point My Generals……., Lutenists…..., Majors….., Sargent…, Corporals.., and Privates “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition., we can no longer excuse or “rationalize” [{**}] High Treason and Sedition among our “Fellow Brethren” and Sisterhoods…., and we must accept the the U.N. FLAGS Military be it NATO to Africa from “Russia to China” from the USA to South America and the Middle East are all “Voluntary” [{*}] Willing PARTICIPANTS with this NEW WORLD ORDER “of these” FREE MASON Lodge members to use COVID 19 as “Covin” that in the Legal World of Rules and Boundaries with “Mitigation” and Settlements…., our U.S. Military, Local Police, Boy Scots to Girls Scots will not read their “STATES CONSTITUTION’S” and make that Determination that the U.S. FLAG this “ACT of 1871” District of Columbia is not their mother and their father…., but a TOOL of the EDISON Machine of “Forced Technology” for anyone from the Congo to Nigeria were to Read and Study the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM “COVID 19” Agenda 21 + 30 of these U.N. Troops, and you must “see them all” as Traitors to we all “be they” your Sons and Daughters, Brothers and Sisters, Mothers and Fathers to your “Elder Statesmen” and State Wombmen be they EASTERN STAR to Demolay Shriners!!! To think I would allow “any Citizen” of my land be they The President to the King or Queen of a Monarchy “Point a Weapon” at me or my kin is ridiculous!!!! I know I am a person of Integrity, Dignity, and fortitude, and as my “Romantic Warriors” kill all the Racka “in all places” no matter how well fortified “too running” in the Jungles of Brazil singing with Michael Jackson THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT US, As a Citizen, you do not raise arms “against your” other citizens…., but what have our “World Leaders” of these JADE HELM 15 freemason REX 84 lodges done??? They have “cut off” all food replenishment…., they say we must remove cash cause “ink on paper” is dirty, then what about “Paper in Schools” and The Mail Box` do not they also carry this Corona Beer “Bat Snake” Kobe Burger VIRUS to all children, and grand parents, and we whom are Guardians “of our little ones” to our Elders??? I have read THE BOOK OF NONMASON, and THE BOOK OF PUZZLES, and I will “just kill” these Parasites, Body Snatchers, and find my children, my friends, and families, and even “my old lost people” and say: THE FREE MASON LODGES LIED TO YOU, and you do not have to Die for “A Blood Oath” for If Desertion is Permitted, then to “Decent” is actually a BETRAYAL too the Cause “of this” WORLD DOMINATION PLOT, and if they lied about “killing you” for Betrayal….., then use “Decent” in ways that will Break their banks and backs, and “not ours” your people, your populations, and your fellow citizens…


As you can see them KKK White Guys with “Blue Eyes” really do like their MANIFESTOS!!! And I will say this, the Blue Eyes “of these” Racka think their “Blue Eyes” are the Pure Bloods……, and you with Green to Brown eyes are the “IMPURE” Human Races “that need” to be wiped out!!!

The Blue Eyed Demon~


However…., as The King of “Angels and Demons” and my EYES are BLUE??? Therefore I say: If you live “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, your eyes Colour is just one of many facets “of your” genetic make up….., but do look at the “EYE COLOUR” of these Monsters, Vampires, and Pirates “known as” your Governors, Mayors, City Counsels, Public Defenders known as Police Officers...

The Commander~



Ten Thousand Angels and Demons “will rejoice” in Heaven and Hell when a FREE MASON Repents, Reconsiders, Remembers “he or she” is Human as we all are…

The Book of EXODICE!!!

You can download and read them books at mewe.com/i/johnnyexodice


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