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Published on 06 Jun 2020 / In People and Blogs

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COVID19 panic
COVID19 panic 2 months ago

what about the "I love Lucy Show" when Ricky came in one show and said, "Lucy you have some esplaining to do" in his Cuban accent. it never happened, not once.

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RichardD 3 months ago

Carlos Castaneda. The Active Side of Infinity
"As if I had been in a dream, I heard don Juan Matus explaining that to his knowledge, man was the only species that had the glowing coat of awareness outside that luminous cocoon. Therefore, he became easy prey for an awareness of a different order, such as the heavy awareness of the predator.
He then made the most damaging statement he had made so far. He said that this narrow fringe of awareness was the epicenter of self-reflection, where man was irremediably caught. By playing on our self-reflection, which is the only point of awareness left to us, the predators create flares of awareness that they proceed to consume in a ruthless, predatory fashion.
They give us inane problems that force those flares of awareness to rise, and in this manner they keep us alive in order for them to be fed with the energetic flare of our pseudoconcerns."

Further affirmation that we live such lives of pain and conflict for the purpose of providing sustenance to unseen entities...

Rob Ray (youtube channel): RENSE / TIM RIFAT NOV. 1999 REMOTE VIEWING REPTILIAN CONSCIOUSNESS P. 1 and watch second part.

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RichardD 3 months ago

Our situation is literally that we are prisoners; i.e., we are not free... More precisely, the Inner Self (What you really are), one may call Spirit, or The Real I, is held under bondage to many illusions and literally, bonds... The world we exist in is essentially nothing but a holding place to extract via the miserable lives we live here, energy, to sustain/feed the satanic entities... They are in my understanding, cut off from the Truth/Source and thus have to resort to other means to get that energy. You may read about Tom Montalks "corruption of the demiurge" on montalk.net...

So we are thus imprisoned here, in misery and ignorance, not really knowing anything... Who we are, what we are, why we are here. What this is all about.
We know however, that life is finite. We will die. Especially for the older, this is a concern.
Could happen anyway, anytime, even in sleep. We are not guaranteed the next minute.
Young, one would assume highly physically fit and healthy, people die all the time... They drop dead: happens so often... It is alarmingly common actually.
Heard from someone, that a doctor said the same: you'd be surprised how often young and healthy people pass away in their sleep...
This should shock and alarm you. This should rattle your cages and wake you up...
These bodies we have are fragile and vulnerable. They are themselves filthy. They develop diseases, are prone to damage, pain, illness... They are a sick affair.
They are not beautiful: the things that compose them, the skeleton, blood vessels, the organs, blood, urine, excrement, the gut region, the sounds internally of digesting food, the stench of it... Mucous... It is a horrid, satanic design.
Contemplating the body always depressed me... I would consider it odd just how people in general were not bothered by it, and even thought it wonderful, and even stranger, "beautiful"... Interestingly, it is on record that the entity behind this, admitted it imprisoned us in the "vilest of all things"... Basically, the ego-nature and body...
I think the key to success is when you recognize that life here is not tolerable or worth living: you say it yourself, we are, unfortunately and wretchedly, walking composters...
This vile and disgusting, undignified life, of constant eating and elimination, the flesh breaking down over the years until it is so enfeebled and degraded that many old people will simply fall and not get up... They may rot for weeks or months before being discovered. Where are they going? There is a chance they may end up back in another body! ALL THAT LIFE OF MISERY FOR NOTHING! We spend our lives essentially doing nothing of value... Especially the ignorant who go by in vanity, learning nothing, going nowhere... This is an utter disgrace... The in tune one will not seek such an end... "And the people who were attracted were led astray into troubles (to the seductions of the world, created to ensnare, keep beings here) And were greatly misled. And grew old. Experiencing no pleasure, And died Finding no truth, Never knowing the true God.
This is the way that they enslaved all of creation. From the foundation of the world until now. "
Secret book of John. (The Apocryphon of John). gnosis.org
As it was written in the Legacy of Kain, Soul-Reaver:
"All the conflict and strife throughout history, all the fear and hatred, served but one purpose -- to keep my master's Wheel turning. All souls were prisoners, trapped in the pointless round of existence, leading distracted, blunted lives until death returned them --always in ignorance -- to the Wheel."
Naturally, the wheel is the cycle of birth, death and rebirth... The character here from my understanding, was initially duped like all really are, to consider the false god as the master and lord, the real god... He comes to find out its true identity and fight against it...
That series has much good insight in it, perhaps a little inspired aid... Perhaps an example of putting higher knowledge and truth in the form of poems, songs, plays, movies, video games, stories, parables and allegories... It serves to conceal knowledge from controlling entities/powers, while to those with"eyes to see and ears to hear" who are capable of going beyond literalism, and decoding the message... It is a way in which truth can be preserved and widely disseminated in the mass consciousness... The higher power within may guide and teach as one advances along the path... Reveal hidden meanings, grant understanding...
Simply, you should be heading in the direction of the truth and to your freedom.
I personally know the condition is of utter enslavement, to a very high level... Now, knowing all this, one must ACT.
Basically, you should be using your time and energy to get out, to free the Spirit and then ultimately leave this domain, world, flesh... As is relayed in my other comment.
Leave behind the garbage of this world, the chaff, set it aside, and enter into a high state, a state of Gnostic living...
It means nothing. It is worthless. The lesser affairs. What matters is to use the time one has to further ones salvation; giving no credence to the mundane, worthless outer world; every individual of it, who comprises that world, is heading to the grave... Look then at the end-result of all mans ambitions: the cemetery... It was said by an Indian knower: The root of the world is ignorance, and that this waking state we are in is not worth your spit... (The egoic state of imprisonment, in this world).
Stargods, and to whomever reads this: by Grace, a good will, this comment has entered your personal sphere, as a reminder... A cry for action, to be intelligent, and go after the goal: uncovering the Spirit Within, getting to It, not delaying (see previous comment in regards "right way to live" to achieve freedom, there are also other means, if one is able, to be silent and still and hold concentration/present awareness. As Nisargadatta Maharaj said, to focus on the feeling I am... To enter deeply into that... Look him up. There are many means/ways to get to the goal... Possibly psychedelics... Lucid dreaming...To get answers, knowledge, truth... Establish contact with Higher Self... As for the latter two, I would only do so if your Higher Self vets it ok...)
YOU Still have time left in this world. The Truth can use various mediums to communicate a message to you: one is through comments left by others... A reminder, buddy, you wont live forever and you will die! Are you ready? Have you striven in the right direction? (Imagine this is your Higher Consciousness speaking to you, via this comment!)
Have you furthered your personal salvation? Have you made effort to free the Spirit?
To understand what IT IS... To uncover it?
Know that only you alone are responsible for your personal salvation... It WON'T be handed out to you. You have to make the decision: do I want The Shift in consciousness/salvation... IF so one must STRUGGLE AND STRIVE FOR IT! Or simply then face death; that unknown thing... One may then be reincarnated... For another lifetime in hell, being an infant again, having to learn to walk, talk again... Go through bullying, suffering, boredom, sickness trauma, loss of loved ones and all the miseries of incarnate life in hell... Then die again, and again go back to birth and the whole process AGAIN! UNTIL UNLESS one save themselves! BY PERSONAL, RUTHLESS, SUSTAINED EFFORT-ACTION! Go beyond fear, laziness and doubt. There may be no reincarnation, but that is a thing we do not know...
Death remains an enigma. Yet this is what I Hold to, assume death is nothing but another layer of the prison (we are all deeply imprisoned), and not assume that just the body dying would be a release from this hell...
Of course The right way of proceeding with information is to not either just believe it or disbelieve it... Both would be foolish. (It simply is not KNOWN for a fact true or not).

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RichardD 3 months ago

From another place I left this, bringing it again to your attention (and others who will benefit from it), as a reminder of what matters... The urgency of the situation we find ourselves in.
Hello Richard/Stargods...
For many years I have watched your brilliant videos, and I have to thank you for your output.
I am prompted internally to relay to you this message...
As I know you are familiar with the series of books written by Carlos Castaneda, (because you have spoken of it in the past), one of the things Don Juan stressed most was awareness of our coming deaths; and that it was an infantile arrogance that people in general go on living as if they would never die. As he said: death comes unexpectedly, as does change.
We are all destined to die. Our lives are finite. We do not know how we will die, or when; it could even be in sleep.
Part of being under this condition we are in, is we essentially have no real knowledge; we are experiencing the inversion, the opposite of Truth, Love, The Father and The Pleroma, the fullness... (This I put forth strongly as the case).
As I have discovered, and as The Buddha did, no one saves us but ourselves. We are alone in this lifetime; and must grow up, take personal responsibility and Liberate The Spirit from the imprisonment of egotism, known as the second birth... After this, one may then go on to attain final liberation from the flesh, this world and return to the Origin; once the Spirit is uncovered and freed via the Shift from identification with the egoic consciousness, then all this may be revealed. That is our task in life.
Not to hold on to mere beliefs that we will be all powerful in the afterlife: for that is not a certainty... (Unless it is -- but for me it is not a certainty, and unless you actually know it, by personally experiencing it it is mere assumption; thus, foolish).
It is certainly a possibility that reincarnations occur; I, based upon intuitive knowledge, inner direction/guidance, and taking in information and accounts, strongly hold that there are reincarnations, and that we are essentially trapped in the cycle of hell: birth, death and rebirth over and over, until we personally secure our Liberation by effort; determined, persevering EFFORT! In no other way will we get out of this hellhole. The Emerald Tablets confirm the humans beings imprisonment... It is stated: "Man is a star bound to a body, until in the end, he is freed through his strife. Only by struggle and toiling thy utmost shall the star within thee bloom out in new life"
So what is the way to freedom, how is it attained? -- Via a path I term in short "The Right Way to Live"; given to me from Within... It is very simply, the taking as an assumption that human beings have what I term the subtle energetic system, or auric field. We are all infected with a parasite; known as the foreign installation, ego, the double of Rudolf Steiner, it is a veritable foreign entity masquerading as Self: it has entrapped the Spirit within; it lives via that trickery, parasitically... Hi-jacking our Destiny as Spirit Itself. The Right way to live is the letting go of all negatives, weakening-s and wrongs, and cultivation of the good, positive and strengthening... In all areas: the effect of this will be progressive healing and all-uplift.
This will produce the gradual healing of the Energetic System so weakened by an ill life... Phasing out anything that should not be there... Then, my friend, Be still, alone, in silence inner and outer and concentrate... Uncover The Inner Being... Learn the ways To Self-Realization via Meditation.
My good brethren, this diabolical reality alien to our essence is not worth your spit! Seek to leave it quickly: as said in the gospel of Thomas: "Be Passers-by".
Use this life as the golden opportunity it really is.

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H6819 3 months ago

Same been saying the same for years totally agree the one's that get me the most are....
1/ VW didn't have a split 100% I had a key ring and a badge from a car back in my youth when the craze was to take them off cars not that I did that you understand... (lol)
2/ Same goes with Volvo didn't have a arrow even my dad 86yrs agrees and he had 4 of the bloody things...
3/ Monopoly man had a monocle 100% grow up with the game...
4/ Dolly had braces in Moonraker 100% remember the laughter when Dolly and Jaws got together in the cinema 100%
5/ Luke I am your Farther Star Wars 100%
6/ California get down on my knees to pray 100%, as I was into Pink Floyd / Led Zeppelin / hippy - rock ( which I still am till this day )
Just a few examples but many more asked friends and family and they actually agree to some or even all the above, then I ask about / tell about mandela effect and then they say b/s and yet they have just agreed before hand to the above most frustrating so much so I don't even bother anymore ...!!
So yes I believe it's very real but the problem with most people is they can't think about thing they don't understand it's like a mental block almost like that doesn't comput so it can't be, even after agreeing before hand before mentioning / explaining the Mandela effect...
Anyway great video and as always we are on the same mindset... Cheers bud and best wishes from the UK

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H6819 3 months ago

Ps... Should have read - ( And begin to pray ) typo but yes I agree

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