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“We won't comply!” Canadians protest “TYRANT” Trudeau's gun grab.... Posted On Youtube by Rebel News

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Published on 13 May 2020 / In News and Politics

TORONTO: Gun rights protesters talk about the Nova Scotia shooting, and how they're becoming criminals under the Trudeau firearms ban.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 5 months ago

Never too old to Love; Never too young to Hate…..

The Destiny that is me, has been denied to me for so long for I have lived a life on what others wanted, and was never trained to think for myself that I might become the Best Citizen for my people, and the Best Person for my friends, and the Best Intelligence for my Enemy… It is said that whatever you OWN actually owns you, and as a person of the Spirit, the Mind, and The Soul, I have watched the many deny THE NARROW PATH of Honesty that Christ Jesus gave to all MANKIND be we male and female, as certain persons and people want to be MALE OR FEMALE, BLACK OR WHITE, RICH OR POOR be they Right or Wrong… So filled with themselves that they are better then me cause / * \ [THEY LIVE] /_\ think they have the right to hurt and harm and hate!!!

I have been a drunk, A Crack Head, and a Mindless Wandering Zombie raised by the THOUGHTS of others, but never taught to think for my selves… For It is also said that we have Symbiots in our beings, and as Celestial Beings in a Celestial Sphere, I was told we live on a GLOBE flying through Nothing, and that Life was worthless, people are worthless, and I AM Worthless.?.?.?.? If I have no VALUE, then why was I born into this STOCKS and BONDS master slave mentality of these FREE MASON Lodges of the International Mafia of this UNITED NATIONS of S.A.T.A.N. for to feed the poor and care for the needy can be more then just the NEED FOR FOOD and Shelter, it is to feed ones mind, and too shelter ones soul from those whom harm, and hurt, and hit…

You think you are so much better then me cause you know how to lie??? You spend your days making up CONCOCTIONS known as Theories where in all your Deception and Guile` you have nothing to offer me, or my children, or my child anything, but “buy our” CONJECTURES – SPECULATIONS – HYPOTHESISES!!!! I was made for more then the Illusion of your delusion that Jesus Christ did call every fucking freemason lodge member “THE BLING” LEADING THE BLIND into the Pits of Hell, and is that not what has happened with your COVER-UP of The Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1845 to 1945 where all history is malfeasance, as is all the news, as is all the religions, and in that` all the Worlds U.N. FLAGS and Governments!!!!

You can try to talk down too me, you can try to yell and scream at me till you are RED IN THE FACE!!! However, I now see, you are the Incompetent one, you are the FOOL, and you The FREE MASON are the Profane` for you care not what happens to your Person, Soul, or Symbiots when you die to this TEMPORARY Temporal Flesh and Blood and Bones VIDEO GAME Simulation known as The Purgatorial, and though your (COVID19) World Domination PLOT does go on, I will not sell out My Constitution, My Flag, or my States Right To Exist!!! Bring Your Wars of madness, and lunacy, and TOTAL Damnation of the Desire to want to OWN and Possess OTHERS in your Oppression, but I am not yours, and you can never be mine… WE THE PEOPLE will prevail, and one NONMASON will open the Doors of all FREE MASON Lodges in our Communities…

Johnny Exodice

Too all people of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition as the New Wine Skins spoken of by The Great Teacher Messiah, we The Pak-Toe, shall no longer bow down to this Lie of The Racka, for only a SLAVE would continue to play this (COVID19) Replacement Depopulation anymore…. We are one people, and we do not have to PARTICIPATE in this TV Show anymore…

The Commander~

Can’t you see this is the NEW NORMAL meaning we are creating a NEW VIDEO Game for you to play where you HUMANS will be told what to eat, where to go, and as GLOBAL CITIZENS, you shall and will lose all rights to your States Flags, States Constitutions, and State Realization!!!

The Society of nonmason~


Now they want to put the {RED FLAG LAWS} to use to do a (#1013) as it is called in The Great Nation State REPUBLIC of GEORGIA "The Rebellion" FLAG of our People!!! Do not let these FREE MASON C.O.P.S. take you to [mental wards] +=+ when all the people are gone, and only we THE REAL People and nonmason remain!!!


Now that the (COVID19) of U.N. Troops have killed all the nonmason PEOPLE of the world, and just “WE ARE” The Society of nonmason….., and these “GLOBAL CITIZENS” remain from them {2 Continents} left off of the [U.N. FLAGS] World Domination Map……., how easy is it for them to FLY REPLACEMENT PEOPLE and Persons, and “Populations” into your EMPTY CITIES my STAY AT HOME and SELF ISOLATION persons replacing your “Slave Labor Jobs” as {ALL JOBS} [{*}] are being replaced “as we speak” by ROBOT Check Out……, and ROBOT Fast Food Drones?????


Once all are on Digital Money……., and BLOCK CHAIN “Tracer” Tracking Apps are on your phones and person, how will you “my nonmason” protect the SANCTITY of your children let alone` your own personal right to exist without the AUTONOMY of [Paper Cash] [{**}] too stay off the Grid.?.?.?.?.?


Now that you know from Hollywood too Bollywood to all your Town Elders and Authority are FREE MASON LODGE U.N. Troops of JADE HELM 15 my nonmason Romantic Warrior People, Populations, and Person, what will you do when you see a FREE MASON in your Police and Military UNIFORMS not giving a care about THE OATH OF OFFICE.?.?.?

The Green Hat`


You assassinate!!! You Blow them up!!! You Cut their Break Wires, and you Run them off the ROAD, and throw [their bodies] +=+ into Wood Chuckers…….., and then put your “Face” on their National I.D. as The Rag Tag Rebellion against all these RACKA them U.N. FLAGS!!! WE ARE PAK-TOE!!!

At 7:13 she is not 17 but [28 years old] and one of the little people they keep hidden in the UNDERGROUND CITIES known as D.U.M.B.S. so do not see this (Succubus) as a Child......., she is almost {30 years old} and well taught in THE CRAFT of these freemason lodge from our home towns...

Q+ The Pen`


Hey people of Europe and Japan and all locations, time to make sure your WORLD WAR TWO Tanks and all other weapons from Bazookas tom Land Mines are ready to go!!!!

The Grey Coats of the Blue Gloves of the Green Vest and the Pink Boots!!!


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no0negun 5 months ago

Canada will serve as a test to disarm the masses of proper self defense tools.

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bornfree222 5 months ago

These Falsedeau's eat and sexually abuse children.

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Ajishere 5 months ago

This is what happens when or if the democrats are allowed to freely "rule" your country!!! This is what democrats would try to do if they are given too much control over America!!!! Canadians, if they are smart, will have to pull the "Royal Carpet" from under Trudeau's and the Queen's feet!!! I can't believe the people in those countries still grovel to those parasites! They are like rodents! They keep mulitplying and reaching into the people's wallets without even putting anything back!!! This is 2020, not 1220!!! Catch up with the times! Nobody is any more royal than anyone else! You're judged by your accomplishments! Your "Royals" kill and eat your children, people! That alone should let you know what kind of monsters they are! That includes Trudeau; your children should always come first! The need decent people's help! Save your innocent children from the ROYAL PAEDOVORES!!!

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