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“We’re taking things that’re genetically modified organisms and we injecting them in the little kids arm we just shoot them right into the vain” Bill Gates.

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Published on 14 Jun 2020 / In News and Politics

“We’re taking things that’re genetically modified organisms and we injecting them in the little kids arm we just shoot them right into the vain” Bill Gates.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Teacher…, was there ever a REAL United States FOR America, or has our whole “upbringing” by the TV Screens of GRAVEN IMAGES only been HOLLOW WOOD MOVIES since the end of The last Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854 that was “covered up” by STORIES known as The Revolutionary War in WORLD WAR ZERO.?.?.? Once you know about the MUD FLOODS, Incubator Babies, and Child Labor from “1893 to 1933” when the INVENTION of Capitalism Became the NORMAL for this Celestial Sphere home world of Purgatory, and that BLACK LIVES DID NOT MATTER cause they were not AFRICAN AMERICANS, but that they “were always” the Native Dark Skin Indians from the World of Tartarian here in North, South, and Central America where we did not live to WAR cause we all knew WAR IS MURDER….., and yet……, what does the U.S. FLAG of these 192 U.N. FLAGS do??? The U.S. Military MURDERS Children, Teens, Pre Teens, Toddlers, and their Parents and Elders, and then makes up FREE MASON #QANON [TV NEWS] to say: This Person is not a Dark Skin, they are A Muslim!!! A Mexican, An Arab, and even though “we know” there is no such things as WHITE PEOPLE and BLACK PEOPLE for all skin is “coloreds” and our modern day skin tones of these “5G Eugenics” that SEPARATED our Human Race SINGULAR into Human Races PLURAL giving our {Brothers and Sisters} +=+ BLACK HAIR ONLY be they White Chinese with Black Eyes, and Black Hair too Latinos with BLACK HAIR – Brown Skin, and Brown Eyes to we the few remaining Light Skins of Red, and Blond, and Brunette Hair whom have the Blue and Green eyes, and is not this a CRIME AGAINST Humanity too (COVID19) separate our Genes with these VACCINES……, so my skin turns now as Dark as an African??? What of my natural hair color that is now only the color BLACK??? What of my natural “eye color” that is now only dark dark brown to black eyes just like THE SOLIDS that possess the masses with FAKE SPACE, and Fake DNA as Estrogen and Enzymes are now put into this “EUGENICS” 5G Cell Manipulation Program, so the NEW WORLD ORDER of the UNITED NATIONS FLAGS that the U.S. Military “serves” as The WORLD POLICE of Peacekeepers from that [FarScape] [{**}] Australians are on FIRE TV Show.?.?.? Once you know the FREE MASON made your skin dark, made your eyes brown, and made your hair black by way of Vaccines and 5G Eugenics……., then it “don’t matter” where you live cause these Global Citizens of their W.H.O. World Health Agency are the ones whom did these 5G Eugenics making Asians with BLACK HAIR ONLY, and Persian to Arabs to JEWS with BLACK HAIR ONLY, to the Latino people of Pakistan “and India” with BLACK HAIR ONLY, and you want to serve and VOLUNTEER for the (U.S. Military) /_\ that is the U.N. Military??? Then you are a Traitor to mankind “be we” male and female…….., and you shall have no part in OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition cause the 173 FLAGS of the ICC will take out “by Assassination” any and all BLUE HELMET “U.N. Troops” in the U.S. Military that have done WAR IS MURDER cause MURDER is Against THE LAW of G.O.D. and if you want to Kill when your own god dammed RELIGIONS SAYS: YOU WILL NOT KILL aka Murder, then any “War Hero” is Fair Game for RETRIBUTION for killing and murdering [we the people] and human populations regardless of Skin Tone, Eye Color, and Hair Colour…. The Book of EXODICE!!!


These are not Rockets for Space, they are all NUCLEAR HYDROGEN WEAPONS of Space Force and Space Command, and the ONLY SPACE they want to CONTROL is down here on our FLAT EARTH!!!!

The U.S. FLAG of these 192 U.N. FLAGS used this PROJECT BLUE BEAM (COVID19) To put you out of work, and still, you payed THE TAXES that paid [Your Employees] / * \ The U.S. MILITARY to murder humans all over the world since 1855 when the “U.S. FLAG” murdered and took over JAPAN way back when……., and still you have BLACK HAIR “ONLY” be you Asian, Persian, Arab, Latino, Indian, and you allow this WHITE MAN BLUE EYED {USA Military} too RULE THE WORLD for the United Nations International Mafia when you (black hair people) [{*}] outmaneuver and OUT NUMBER we the Blue and Green Eyes people by 92% for we the Blue and Green eyes are now only 8% of the worlds “remaining” light skin populations….., so why don’t you Black Hair and Brown Eyed people save “we the few” from These Evil Spirits [in our leaders] Minds doing OPPRESSION???


You are being told what to do by a WORLD MACHINE and it will eradicate all Blue and Green Eyes, and Hair Color, then only BLACK HAIR, Dark Brown Eyes will remain in this place of PURGATORY for the DAYS of NOAH are here, and still you allow your GOVERNMENTS to do this to you when your GOVERNMENT RELIGION live off your Taxes – Tithes – Tribute…..

WAR is Murder, and MURDER is against your Religions, therefore "WAR IS ILLEGAL" and against your god… The “U.S. Military” are all guilty of MURDER that is a WAR CRIME and a Crime against Human Life!!!! Time for the 173 ICC Flags that our 50 STATES in the USA are at WAR with The FEMA Homeland U.N. Troops of JADE HELM 15…..

The Southern Republic…


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