WE NONMASON shall no longer Bow Down to you FREE MASON Lodges in OUR home Towns.... The Society~

Johnny Exodice
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Published on 11 Jan 2020 / In Film and Animation

FREE MASON either REPENT or die... The Commander~ [///|||\\\]

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 6 months ago

The Houses of Lights…

For you whom have studied the MUD FLOODS, and you saw the INCUBATOR BABIES in all these 1893 to 1945 Theme Parks like Coney Island, and other such ELECTRIC CITIES in Europe to Australia to Canada long before we were TOLD what they wanted to tell us, and deny us whom we are, what we are, and where we are, you would do well young people to get a Job at SIX FLAGS or Disney Land cause that is where them 1800’s TROLLEY Parks and all their OLD RAILS ended up in the 1970’s to 1980’s, and if you but walk in any of these places OF Today at night time, are they not filled with the OLD LIGHT BULBS from Six Flags over Georgia and many Other States to Disney World in Florida to California to now even these MAGNIFICENT Places are in China, and Russia, and South America to even THEME PARK in them Ultra Rich Arab Nations??? So they are READY to reset Our Celestial Sphere Home World of PURGATORY once again for De-Ja-Vu is that dang Oraborus Curse of the Dragon Eating its own dammed Tail...

The Tech to run them MACHINES they call JOY RIDES more then likely are just REPURPOSED Old Technilogical Wonders for do we not study the old PeriScope FILMS where we learned that COLOR MOVIES did not start in the late 1954, but that Techna-Colour goes all the way back to 1893 for the Cell Phones and the Computers and that God Dammed TV SCREEN was also removed from Memory, but THESE ULTRA RICH GLOBALIST CORPORATIONS still used them after The Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854, as we nonmason have learned… Moreover, as The CONTROLLERS or “INTERNATIONALIST” as these MONSTERS like to call themselves, are they not ready to kill all people and persons } and put us all back to sleep??? They have these Nuclear Bombs, They can Spray the Skies to PUT EVERYONE to sleep, só they can drive us in JADE HELM 15 PROJECT BLUE BEAM 2020 T.L. [G4S Police Vans] to Take OUR little ones..., and then Kill all of Us…., and Turn our Bodies into more “ALT-MEAT” that has nothing to do with A Veggie Burger…., só our Children end up eating their Own Dead Parents!!!

However, since Donald JOHN Trump is the Johnny Exodice, then why does HE The G.O.D. not just Tell the World, and the Pope, and The Shah to go Fuck themselves??? For I only copy and paste what Donald JOHN Trump sends me by way of (ink on paper letters) to the nonmason in the Military…., and the nonmason in the CIA – FBI – NSA to you now know…., the nonmason in Mossad, and MI-6 are going to have to make the Shah of IRAN “have an Accident” where the nonmason in IRAN will help the FREE MASON in IRAN to kill this FLESH and BLOOD and BONES Man for kicking off WORLD WAR ZERO before “The INTERNATIONALIST” of the U.N. FLAG had wrapped up Agenda 21…., só they could Pave the way for Agenda 30…., and then [THEY LIVE] could have dropped that {Nuclear Weapon} on Seattle Washington on 11*03*2020 to BLAME NORTH KOREA for the Attack and wipe them off the Face of our FLAT EARTH just as Deagel DOT Com >>> Countries foretells there will be “NO POPULATION” in North Korea by 2025…

Is it not a wonder with all of Pence FREE MASON Spies and Murdering GLOBALIST at Trumps every move, our Zionist Jesuit “ILLUMINATI” Vice President of these United States OF America has [not one clue] how TRUMP the {Roman Catholic Jew} is getting these messages to me The Muslim Q…., só I may warn all that when TRUMP Dies for “The Assassination” of the Shah of IRAN as PAY BACK for the Shah of Iran Killing [Suleiman] that OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION shall just watch as NATION DESTROYS NATION, and KINGDOM DESTROYS KINGDOM…., and when these Militarist from those “2 Continents” that were left off the U.N. FLAG Flat Earth Map show up…., we nonmason will just join them in picking off any and all remaindering FREE MASON Lodge Members, and Their Connections to the Shah of IRAN through “The Shriners” Lodges…., and we will most Definitely Take out all POPES in this {end of an Age} to the ROMAN CATHOLIC VATICAN EMPIRE once and for all… Good Day~

Johnny Exodice


You would do well to not just STUDY the Cars……., but the Buildings……, and “THE PEOPLE” walking and driving in this {just 60 years ago era} cause your Grand Parents….., and even your Parents…., need to be Awakened to the END OF THIS AGE!!!!!!!!! Help them REMEMBER why [they LOST loved ones] / * \ in the Vietnam WAR to the SAME Lies we all keep {losing our moms…, and dads} +=+ and brothers.., and sisters to “WAR after War” for your Parents., and your Children did not “Volunteer” for a LIE when they BELIEVED the Fucking TV Deception of these FREE MASON Lodges NEW WORLD ORDER!!!

The Commander~ [///|||\\\]

The Oracle for the End of An Age connected to The Source of All Creation has spoken…



Hey “Thor News” can you EXPLAIN This on our FLAT EARTH Celestial Sphere Home World!!

I Bet you can!!! Sun Spots!!! ha ha ha The Green Coats of the Grey Gloves…


This is a PERSON you want to STUDY cause He Teaches you how to Find And Fix OLD TECH!!!


As for the ROYALS not keeping all their CORPORATION British Empire FLAG money as they do NOTHING to help the People from the Canadian Fires to them Australian NASA Ratheon Trillion Watt Lazer Fires??? Just Public Relations FREE MASON Bull shit… Jeppo Jinx~

Ba – Coe – coomba in Spirit Talk means: Get off My Ass Muther Fucker!!!

Q+ The Pen`


We know this is just another FREE MASON Faked MOON LANDING…. Go to UGETube.com and find Johnny Exodice…. P.S. Under the Cover of RAIN JADE HELM 15 PROJECT BLUE BEAM 2020 T.L. they will come take you out where you will NOT see the Sun Day or Night as in that Prince Song: Let’s Go CRAZY!!!!!



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