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We Must Remove Swamp Creature Ilhan Omar !!!

The Analyst
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Published on 11 Mar 2020 / In Film and Animation

We Must Remove These Corrupt Swamp Creatures like Ilhan Omar

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago

Teacher…, Is there anything else “we need to know” before the world becomes NOAH'S DAYS once more along with the [Days of Sodom] +=+ and Gomorrah……..., and all them {Old Things} / * \ that happened in all them OLD TESTAMENT “book of books” known as the Holy Bible to the unmitigated??? Know that THEY LIVE use the RULE OF LAW to depose of “all humans” [{**}] be we Demon or Angel…….., and that when them U.N. Troops dressed in your “Local Police” come banging on your DOORS with Home Land Security to “take you away” too them QUARANTINE FEMA CAMPS that you shall not return for “they live” will murder you once “you are inside” and turn you into “Soy-lent Green” as A Joke on the Remaining Starving “Human” Masses and Populations…. Therefore……., if you have not REPLACED your FREE MASON “Lodge Members” with your I.D. and your FACES on their I.D. By way of “nonmason” [{*}] in the DMV making you the “County” Sheriff to Marshall…..., you best become the City Counsels….., The School Boards…., the Street Sweeper to the Trash Man “of your” Cities…, and States from FRANCE to Zimbabwe… I have “no idea” why we just don’t STORM CNN FOX NBC “ABC” CBS.., and all other National to LOCAL to INTERNATIONAL Media., but we do not, so your duty my “nonmason” Populations is to continue to run FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST “off the roads” in your cars, shoot them in the head with “blow darts” of Frog AMAZON Deadly Poison Daggers, and any thing “you so choose” too PROTECT your Human Children, Human Babies, and HUMAN “Elders” for your Tribes of Pak-Toe “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalitions…. The 5G Beams will “microwave you” too death, so you best make sure the WIRES are cut…., and them EDISON Boxes of these “Insecticide” Reptilians lay in waste “no matter” your land, air, or sea… Never Forget to make TIME CAPSULES with YouTube BLIPS of your best knowledge's, and do put THE BOOK OF NONMASON into these Secret Chambers for our FUTURE BIRTHS “when we return” as the Children of our Children!!! It would not harm to put [Dry Seeds] into these TIME Capsules as well…., and leave directions of INK on PAPER on how to plant “any seeds” you so choose to keep hidden Treasure, and then have TREASURE MAPS for our little ones to find once {we are all dead} and gone……., and THE MACHINE of Forced Labor Technology has turned “we humans” all into INCUBATORS Babies “once more” cause I really can not be there to hold your hand “when you” make that kill….., but I will continue to take CREDIT for each and every monster you “so will” and shall put down!!! Do not fear PROJECT BLUE BEAM where these “Aliens” from them TWO CONTINENTS “left off” the U.N. FLAGS FLAT EARTH Map will be our own stolen “nonmason children” raised to SUBJUGATE we all…..., and in that, know they are not SUPERIORS, nor are you Their Subordinates…….., for we are LIBERATORS, and we shall not allow ENFORCERS to make the RULE OF LAW when they “do not uphold” Our Courts, Our Schools of Thought, OUR RELIGIONS, or our Humane Humanity…. The TV “is their” WEAPON of Choice, so do not say something when “you see” something……..., but get along to a “safe place” for you and your people, and wash as often {as you can] cause they have Your Blood, Your Piss, Your Shit, and even your [Spit called Saliva} and they will hunt you down with “Mechanization” of Slaughter Bots just by the Stank “of your” smelly feet!!! You have all you need to “fight and resist” and prevail……..., and in that, I will be there among you “in spirit” be you ALONE……., or in groups of Two or More… Buddah~ Lucifer` Jesus~ The Trinity… [*}*{*] The Book of EXODICE!!!


As much as you might [want to run] from this to that place……..., if you not KNOW where the Check Points of these “U.N. Troops” on our ROADS are from the {E.U. to the U.K.} from Brazil to the Congo, from Japan to North Korea to these 50 STATES FOR AMERICA….., then be ready to get Arrested as a “COVID 19” Collaborator….


Better to STAY in your “Home Towns” and work with your HOME TOWN C.O.P.S. no matter what else may happen, but do know this, You “Decide” where and when, not me…

P.S. If you can Steal and “Save Children” from Abusers…..., then do so, and break them out of “Juvenile” Detention Centers as well, and travel….


WE HUMANS are all Biological, there is no SYNTHETIC “anything” in our Bodies….

The Commander~


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