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Johnny Exodice
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Published on 15 Jan 2020 / In Film and Animation

It is your right to say: I want to help the nonmason populations...

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago


Since we live in A Simulation, it could very well be that those INCUBATOR BABIES were made by The MACHINE to restore life, but because their Births “were interrupted” by the GREAT NUCLEAR HYDROGEN WAR of 1853 to 1854 those Babies were actually {cut out of} all the Dead Wombmen before their developing Child Died “within” their mother as A MOTHERS Purpose is to CREATE life……., and the FEMALE BODY was made to Protect the WOMB that gives birth to we all…..., and in that…., you may have up too many HOURS {to cut out} +=+ as many living CELESTIAL BEINGS in them dead carcasses..., and store them up to “REPOPULATE” the world after the só called WAR TO END ALL WARS happened.., and what [we see here] / * \ is a Defect happening into younger [the PULL OUT babies] that seemed to do A Transmutation of “Something” from being Born into AN INCUBATOR in 1893 after the war did CATACLYSM to all lands in OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION., and this illness “got transferred” to the FIRST GENERATION of the New Born Babies aka People and Persons [whom lived on] to rebuild the OLD TECH and bring it back to “ROMAN TECHNOLOGY” of our [Made In China] U.S. FLAG…. Continue to STUDY the Mud Floods as they are OUR ANCESTORS “repopulating” this Celestial Sphere FLAT EARTH Home World of Purgatory This VIDEO GAME called “ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE” we are all trapped inside, and born into AT Conception for there is no SPACE TRAVEL to leave this Enclosed Cosmology…



Yes…., I do pull from MANY SOURCES “to figure out” [{**}] what has happened, how it happened, and I do hope “how” we will STOP it from happening again, só as your life as a Celestial Being in a SIMULATION CONSTRUCT of `of …, West World TV Show “Simulation” Bodies…., what Really happened to this CELESTIAL SPHERE Construct we all live in??? Your “dreams” are The SYMBIOTS Dreams, but your waking “WALKING life” is Your Thoughts and YOUR REAL MEMORIES in These Flesh and Blood and Bones Body Temple Avatars you inhabit…., yet whenever you have “De-Ja-Vu” while awake, or even the DREAMS in your Sleep, you are now RELIVING “the many lives” and horrors and wonders of what “our Symbiots” went through…..

Jeppo Jinx~



1. Now there are many truths to this place…., and let us say we once were all just called TARTARIAN??? Then What or How could {A Light Skin} give birth to Darker Skins?..., and why are the Darkest Skinned People treated and kept in [BONDAGE] even more só then we The Lighter TONES of Skin??? For though I do love to learn things…., me thinks ROBERT is not telling all that we need to know like “What happened” to an ALL WHITE SUPER RACE??? For we have many other shades of skin, but who is making the CHOICES [for us] [{*}] that those whose skin is NOT light enough like Mr. Barrack Obama whom is half white…., why is his Negro Skin Dark at all if BLOOD IS BLOOD….?, and “we can all” make babies, then do só tell me how Dark Skins came to be in an ALL WHITE FLAT EARTH??? or…., as is my supposition for a lack of any other True Answer, did the {Darker Skin People} come from the OTHER SIDE of our FLAT EARTH as slave populations and Prisoners of WAR??? Yes, yes, spirit and soul and the unseen do not matter when we are and can be all one people…., yet no one has gotten to the INVESTIGATION of why Different Skin Tones exist, and [Different Genetic Make ups] cause the only thing that bugs me personally is why do they all have THAT SAME HAIR be it the Asian and their “thin hair” to Natives with their stronger hair, and then “Africans” with Bushy Hair, but [ALWAYS] among these People their hair COLOUR is always {Naturally BLACK} and only the Light light light skins have that Blond Hair or Red Hair???

2. Do So TELL ME: Why is it only “Caucasian People” that have many different color hairs from Brown to Brunette??? These are things we all need to know cause IF WE ARE JUST MACHINES in a Simulation, then those whom made this place “made it” to be run like a CORPORATION where the Green Eyes are most Valued “if they” have True RED HAIR…., and then The Blond with Blue Eyes become the most Hunted people “for in this world” só few RED Headed and even Blond Headed people {have lived on} after that LAST GREAT WAR…., and if you must know, yes from birth to age 9 my hair was a Blond Haired BLUE EYED DEMON [for you] Farrakhan Haters!!! ha ha ha ha Yet…., my hair changed “to brown” for no apparent REASON I can Fathom, and since the WORLD is going to be destroyed by THE EDISON in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA, and I just want to know the TRUTH about why {All Dark Skins} have only BLACK hair and Brown eyes if they are Thoroughbreds, and then the rest of us are Mixed Blood where even Light Skin WHITE PEOPLE have Brown Eyes of the Asians – Latinos – Africans – Arabs and Persians??? Did só many die out by 1893 that you are all Blood Related to just “ONE MAN” in each race…? whom had sex with all the women he could to “REPOPULATE” Like Genghis Khan and his MONGREL Population of China…?, and then what ever remained of the Lighters skins, we did not “have enough” Red Hair and Green Eyes, nor Blond Hair and Blues eyes to REPOPULATE just as DEAGEL DOT COM >>> COUNTRIES says all Blue Eyed and Green Eyed people are to be Wiped out…., só when we are SOLD as SLAVES just as in the Days of the OLD TESTAMENT said was done to we light skins “THE VALUE” of the PRODUCT will be more because that person can Create Green Eyes and even BLUE EYES when we {clone ourselves} by giving BIRTH to our Blood Lines in the Other Races…..

3. From our Studies on Mud Floods and Decoding the CODECS of the Bible, our book of Knowledge, we know G.O.D. would say: DO NOT HARM the Women and Children, and too TAKE THEM!!! ???? Now you know why…., there was só few people left alive “on this world” that they needed MEN and “Wombmen” to become the FACTORY BABY MAKERS where names like Smith and Campbell are só COMMON cause they all came from [the Same Dads] regardless of the Mothers be they Black or White or Brown or Asian to India to Arabia to Persia…., and the Tartairian people of Lighter Skins were all dead, só the [OLD BLOODS] whom still had the TECH made “one man” and many wombmen of that location {get all the women} in India Pregnant, and ONE man in Arabia “gave birth” to all of them, and ONE man did the Same in China -Japan – Korea, and ONE MORE MAN started Mixing his White Blood with the Black Bloods to see if he “could add” some VARIATION to the Eyes and lighten “The Darkness” of the Skin to even some [black people] as the WORD is used or Africans to Persians have blood from these REBELLIOUS Ancient White People…. It would seem then The WORST of us “Tartarians” then became PizzaGATE Satanist what we call “THE FREE MASON LODGES” whom are the SLAVE MASTERS of all these EMPLOYEES under their {CORPORATION] NATIONAL FLAGS from Bangladesh to Congo to any nations that is kept POOR and SUFFERING by intention of the UNITED NATIONS “International Mafia” of Zionist Jesuit Illuminati…. I will leave this to “Duane Holloway” on youTube whom is a [Half Blood} himself…., and he did not carry over the Green or Blue eyes as he has Hazel eyes to brown eyes in that it “even shows up” in we TARTRIAN PEOPLE while “The Moors” were just replacement POPULATIONS for those Mud Flood Locations…, and Brown and Hazel eyes do mean…., an does MAKE them “white people” HALF Breeds….

The King of Angels and Demons...

The Oracle for the End of an Age connected to The Source of ALL Creation has spoken, and you might not find it SURPRISING them CONTINENTS left off our FLAT EARTH MAP may be only Green eyed RED HAIR PEOPLE “forbidden” to MIX with their Blue Eyed Blond People….

Can you image A RACE raised “only on” EYE COLOR and HAIR COLOR and any Defects are to be Disposed of at Birth???


Did I make you THINK??? Then go to mewe.com and search for Johnny Exodice…

Q+ The Pen`

One last thing…., How Many A.I. Chat Bots does it take to Break the YouTUBE live Chats???

Beware of the ZEBRAS!!!

Also if we DESTROYED ICANN would that TURN OFF THE INTERNET and Shut Down ALL COMMUNICATIONS to Automation Automatons and Killer Robots and Slaughter Bots???


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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago


It quite evident the THINGS of the UNSEEN are real, só why not use FAITH in one another RATHER then ink on paper old made up Gods and Goddesses, or Demons and Angels, or even Satans and Devils that are not MAGIC or SORCERY cause True Magic is just knowing how the Holographic Hologram 3D SIMULATION Video Game we are all born into works…. And since it is not about MAGIC it is actually about MATHEMATICS why do YOU find yourself amazed when TELEPORTATION is just Moving ENERGY from one place to another, or sharing the thoughts of ones mind can HAPPEN to those too weak to say: STAY OUT OF MY MIND!!! You see…., I do not wish to live through another HYDROGEN NUCLEAR ATOMIC GALACTIC WAR in this Realm where Dreams are but Memories of PAST lives……, and there are not FUTURE BIRTH cause WE ARE “all trapped” in a TIME LOOP Called the ORABORUS CURSE!!!

Moreover….., I do not need the INTERNET to get on with my life…., and since all THINGS are Connected to THE EDISON by way of the INTERNET like Lawn Mower Man..., then we best TAKE DOWN THE INTERNET.., and then [The People] Rich and Poor, FREE MASON and FREED MASONS will have to go to the banks by four, and take out {the cash they need} to buy the food that grows ABUNDANTLY in any clean dirt given clean water….

Think you “are not” a REPEATER??? Then why do you say to yourself I have Been Here Before?, I have seen that Before??, and the best one… DO I KNOW YOU??? Cause you seem só familiar…. Be READY FOR Death and Damnation for not one wicked or EVIL FREE MASON {would change their ways} and we continue this Minuet Dance of living “THE END OF DAYS” over and over for all time “condemned” to NEVER Leave here… We are The Forsaken… We are The Cursed People…, WE Are the Dammed!!!

The Oracle for the End of An Age connected to The Source of All Creation has spoken…

mewe.com >>> Johnny Exodcie {Q}

At 4:56 you now know how “to make your own” RAIL GUNS using spare Nuts and Bolts as YOUR PROJECTILE Weapons…, and the longer the El “electromagnetic” TUBE the Farther and Faster the PROJECTILE will do..., Make sure you got PRO-PAIN Back up Electrical Generators in the E.U. U.K. and {U.S. FOR A.} of course ALL LANDS of Pak-Toe as we Destroy THE RACKA once and for all….

Therefore and Moreover, get to work “my nonmason people” in the Middle East cause you are going to be Attacked by the [Made In China] / * \ U.S. FLAG for the United Nations INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of “Zionist Jesuit” FREE MASON Lodges…

P.S in watching the above video {you learn how} +=+ THE FORCE Works!!! Hang tough my Jedi Knights!!!

The Commander~ [///|||\\\]


[THEY LIVE] are all in on it, but they are ONLY one third {of the Population} in any Nation…. Those whom live off the WELFARE of Our Taxes while we nonmason whom pay the TAXES have nothing!!!

Now REMEMBER…, you need to make DVD Back Ups of all these VIDEOS that teach you how to do MAGIC!!! So we can have them at our FLAT EARTH Magical Academies after the war…


Just REMEMBER “that flag” in this Video for [SPACE FORCE] / * \ is FREE MASON Code for JADE HELM 15 PROJECT BLUE BEAM 2020… They are all taking AN OATH to Lie!!! Listen well [to what they say] for they are TALKING IN Code where this First American is duality Talk for FREE MASON U.S. Citizens where we nonmason U.S. Citizens [are to be murdered] by all these People...

At 14:00 watch the OATH OF OFFICE!!! They are all “OATH BREAKERS” and must be tried for TREASON, Sedition, and Traitors to all U.S. Citizens whom are not FREE MASON…



You better Disable These BOMBS before we all are throw back 10,000 YEARS in TIME to RELIVE {The Days of Noah} +=+ every fucking 100 Years in this “SIMULATION” Celestial Sphere Concentric Circles two sided FLAT EARTHS!!!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DB5xmHN_Ndk Watch Closely…. Q+ The Pen`

Intercontinental Beings from that “THEY LIVE” Movie coming to do a RESET with Mike Pence and Trumps Space Force!!!! Be Ready the demons will walk again in HUMAN FORM for we have been dealing with Their Symbiotics all our days... Jeppo Jinx~

PORTALS are opening so Our CONTROLLERS can use MUD FLOODS to put us all back to sleep, and FEED OFF OUR ENERGIES!!! The King of Angels and Demons says: We Will FIGHT The Racka for WE ARE Pak-Toe!!! Death to the INVADERS!!! The Commander~ [///|||\\\]

Like that last one "33" as it looks like the Satanic {SNAKE People} / * \ have come back to kill all HUMANS!!! Fuck the GOLEMS!!! We Are The Society of nonmason~ [///|||\\\]



AITHER (Aether) was the primordial god (protogenos) of light and the bright, blue ether of the heavens. His mists filled the space between the solid dome of the sky (ouranos) and the transparent mists of the earth-bound air (khaos, aer). In the evening his mother Nyx drew her dark veil across the sky, obscuring the ether and bringing night. In the morn his sister and wife Hemera dispersed night's mist to reveal the shining blue ether of day. In the ancient cosmogonies night and day were regarded as elements separate from the sun.
Aither was one of the three "airs". The middle air was aer or khaos, a colourless mist which enveloped the mortal world. The lower air was erebos, the mists of darkness, which enveloped the dark places beneath the earth and the realm of the dead. The third was the upper air of aither, the mist of light and blue of the heavenly ether. The aither enveloped the mountain peaks, clouds, stars, sun and moon.
Aether's female counterpart was Aithre (Aethra), Titaness of the clear blue sky and mother of the sun and moon.
LEARN all you can as Steady as you can, and ALWAYS Shoot in GROUPS if you can!!!



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