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We Are Living In The Truman Show! Wake Up People!.mp4

Max Anderson
Max Anderson - 82 Views
Published on 02 Apr 2020 / In Film and Animation

*This video is for entertainment and discussion only. There is an important message at the end of the video, so please watch it all the way through. Let me know how you feel about this Plandemic. Do you believe it to be 100% real, 100% fake, 50% Real/50% fake. Do you know someone who has it? Do you work at a hospital where you can give your insight on this? How has this impacted your life?

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

The Brash and The Bold

It seems that Trump and Pence and his Generals keep me around so they can TEST THE WATERS of the American Populations, and when they got their Verification, and CONFIRMATION that no U.S. Citizen will REVOLT even when they know “COVID 19” is a Military Invasion of these 50 States For America by the ACT OF 1871 “District Of Columbia” The U.S. FLAG, you can finally see how people whom are possessed by Evil Lunatic Spirits respond… The GENERAL at Donald J. Trumps Press Briefing for the invasion of The Caribbeans and South and Central “Americans” to put down the DRUG CARTELS is just “A Cover Story” too Kill as many “Latino Populations” as they can with the U.S. NAVY and even the U.S. Coast Guard!!! While we the “nonmason populations” on the WEST COAST of America are to be slaughtered as CARTEL Members for have not the GOVERNMENTS of our Prisons Released [all your Loved ones] to be HUNTED DOWN by the Q-Anon Movement??? Listen to these Trumpets speak as his DOD and that “Shameless General” for all they want as The COMET ATLAS is in the sky is just more MURDER and more Mayhem!!!

I forget how easily “we the people” [{**}] are influenced by WAR TALK when War is Murder, and when ALL NATIONS have {locked down} +=+ their Populations, we know the TRUMP STORM MILITARY does not go down into these “Brown Skin” Nations to Kill their White Blue Eyed Leaderships, but only the Brown Skins and the “Brown Eyes” / * \ as every nation is on LOCK DOWN, so it will be “Easy Pickings” for JADE HELM 15 + REX 84 to do “mass slaughter” and evisceration of the moms and dads and babies to “children toddlers” as a POWER GRAB for the UNITED NATIONS “International Mafia” of FREE MASON Lodges, and you would do well U.S. Citizens even if you have “light skin” [{*}] and BLUE EYES for these MASONS are all possessed by Lunatic “Evil Spirits” as they are with the same TRUMP that “pulled off” the September 11th, 2001 Attacks “on our people” almost 20 years ago…

THEY LIVE believe their “own madness” that to kill is POWER??? Well then my people “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, has not the U.S. GOVERNMENT and U.S. MILITARY shown you “their” true desire??? To kill innocent people “cause they can” say on the CNN to the FOX NEWS that they are all DRUG DEALERS and Drudge Addicts.?.?.?.?.? The U.S. Military is the WORLD POLICE of the U.N. FLAGS and they “will be used” with NATO on Australia – Canada – Gemany – France – Japan and any place from Hong Kong to “Laos” where people and CITIZENS “Rise up” to take back their FLAGS from this “International Mafia” of FREE MASON Lodge members, so keep killing all DEMOLAY – Jobs Daughters – Rainbow Girls and “feed your” GOD and KING for “your needs” as My ANGELS AND MY DEMONS!!!

Yes, my nonmason populations and People {we are surrounded} by EVIL SPIRITS and Crazed Insane Spirits in the Madness known as FREE MASON and all “Q - TROJAN HORSES” associated with FREE MASON be it your Abusive C.O.P.S. To your FEMA DEATH CAMP Prisons and Jails, and all them FREE MASON “Judges” whom do SEDITION while we The nonmason “are laid to waste” in South America, but do not just focus on the U.S. that is just these U.N. Troops……., look at what your Military is doing in your HOME LANDS from the Middles East to Africa to “Europe” and Beyond even into Asia for these MERCHANTS SHIPS of the “Made In China” Stock Market Crash will say: Only MADE IN CHINA The RED Dragon can “save” the world now, so let us go to WAR just as the Book of Revelation demands of “mad people” with sick twisted perverse DEPLORABLE “Ideals” would peruse…

Johnny Exodice



Just LISTEN TO THEIR TONE “of Voice” for the First 20 Minutes, and you know they are “coming for you” my U.S. Veterans!!!! You will be “picked off” as they do the “Knock knocks” going DOOR TO DOOR….., and then “THEY LIVE” will say you “U.S. Veterans” are the “Drug Dealers” and CARTELS “in their” CONTROL and Command of all “International Media” too LOCAL NEWS……...

The Commander~


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