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WE ARE AT WAR- America's Bolshevik Revolution -- Wayne Jett_low.mp4

Conscious Mind's
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Published on 01 Jul 2020 / In Film and Animation

WE ARE AT WAR: America's Bolshevik Revolution -- Wayne Jett

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Harry Smith
Harry Smith 1 month ago

The putrid Rothschildes FUNDED Trotsky, Lenin, and that Pig of a Human, Stalin, to assassinate the Romanovs, after WWI. THEY created Communism, and THEY need to be held accountable for enflaming, and funding, every side of every war in our history, including, and since, the French Revolution. They purposely cratered Britian's economy, with LIES, so they could buy up all the assets. They are the vampires, who have been feeding off the lost blood, and gold, of every WAR. They, and their filth cronies in the U.S.A., like JP Morgan, the Rockefellers, etc. et al, ad nausea.. ALL need to be executed, following Military Tribunals, as TRAITORS to the Human Race.

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