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WATCH what happened when I joined a LGBTQ protest

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Published on 27 Oct 2019 / In Film and Animation

Yesterday I joined the LGBTQ protest against the proposed Religious Discrimination Bill in Melbourne.

The rally turned very nasty, very quickly.

Founder of the controversial Safe Schools program, Roz Ward, lead the protest in which she incited the attendees to attack me.

Not very 'anti-bullying', after all.

This rally comes only a few months after I caught Roz Ward marching for Hamas, who throw gays off buildings.

Not sure how you can stand with Hamas and the LGBTQ community at the same time.

I dare her to take her grievances to the Gaza Strip.

As we all know, censorship is out of control. Thousands of conservative voices have already been shut down across all the major social media platforms, including even myself from Facebook.

So before it's too late, BEFORE they ban me here as well and stop YOU from being able to view my content for good.

Make sure connect with me on EVERY other platform.

Not just,
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OzraeliAvi
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Because let's be real, I'll be BANISHED from them all soon enough.

I mean ALSO join and subscribe to my channels on,
Telegram: https://t.me/AviYeminiOfficial
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And from the entire team here at TR.NEWS, thank you so much.

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