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Chill Polecat (83)
Chill Polecat (83) - 171 Views
Published on 31 Aug 2019 / In Film and Animation

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Alvin 9 months ago

I clicked this vid out of curiosity - never heard of "PewDiePie" prior - I was kinda hoping the Tick Turd would end up getting his hand caught in the fan - at just over 3 minutes in I decided Enough. This is (IMO) a Perfect Example of kids NOT getting a belt across their asses when needed.

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Chill Polecat (83)
Chill Polecat (83) 6 months ago

ok boomer

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Chill Polecat (83)
Chill Polecat (83) 6 months ago

You probably stuck your penis in a fan bc your wife-- I mean sister left you.

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