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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 214 Views
Published on 05 Mar 2020 / In News and Politics

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 7 months ago

Teacher…, how many children has you birthed??? Considering my Mother whom was DEAD while giving birth to me………, so the Source of All could Bless me “before” my Birth with the SWORD of God…….., I would think at this stage of 54 years……., I have given many “wombmen” my seed…..., and those children blessed others “long before” I came to know all that WE ARE….., and I would have to say my “blood line” is in every “Realm” of this Celestial Sphere SIMULATION MATRIX… Therefore…., what ever Magic…, or Sorcery these RACKA “try too use” against We The People.., we can utilize “if we so choose” even them Dead Animals that those whom are The FORSAKEN., and The Dammed, and Cursed are leaving….., not only that, we can also TAKE their Spells and “Scrying” in the Sky with Chem Trails to make PENTAGRAMS cause Symbols are only Symbols, and “no one” has the right to say: YOU DO NOT BELONG!!! In this, we can use the PENTAGRAM to the HEXAGRAM that so called SATANIC STAR “of Bethlehem” that is just one of many PORTALS for our FLAT EARTH ENERGY ACADEMIES, and the number of people with my ESSENCE in them is very ponderous!!!! So battle well my “Angels and Demons” for you are becoming the WAY for all of mankind “be we” male and female, and we are to be PROTECTORS of all life, then “those” whom do these things I now Declare as The “God of Gods” and Kings of Kings that they shall perish!!! My ability to see things or visualize “the esoteric” is becoming more, so you too if you “have my blood” aka essence in you shall see this MONOPOLY of “united nations” LEADERSHIPS of FREE MASON for what they are, and if they can not “take” our local, county, and city to state police, then these U.N. Troops will use all the ARMAMENTS of every Private Contracted “Goon” in your locations, so you best start making sure all them of THEY LIVE are dead dead dead where “you reside” no matter your Realm for this is THE TIME!!!! I have no care if or when I die for “my bloodlines” are everywhere, and we can see that we can TAKE BACK THIS WHOLE “Celestial Sphere” by REMOVING all FREE MASON from all “positions” of Authority and round them up, and see if they can learn to Repent, Reconsider, Reconcile “within themselves” what they have become for we do not “participate” in their EVIL WICKED WAYS, and they are “the ones” causing the MUD FLOODS to all other “tragic things” in this Home World of ours` where all Children can be loved, and fed, and clothed by OUR TAXES and Our Tithes and “Our Desire” for a better world by USE OF FORCE!!!! Moreover, we shall never again need GOVERNMENTS or even Kings and Queens just as the Old Testament Speaks OUR MEMORIES of “no need” for Judges or Lords or any other Racka!!!! Indeed we will have Armament, and Protectors, but No MORE Prisons or JAILS for as a Community, we will “talk sense” into those whom “choose” such things, for money will “not be an issue” when we have all the time in the world to fix the dirty cities, and people can have “abodes” and what not, but none shall ever be denied “the right” to enjoy OUR TAXES for our wants, our needs, and our Purpose!!!! The President “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition has been “very clear” that we just Legalize all that does not harm, and in time, sex and gambling to drugs and drinking “will be safe” and known for what Alchemist Chemicals do, and with the POWER to Heal our World, and our Bodies and OUR MINDS, “all” will be well… The Book of EXODICE…


You do know that when you SHUT DOWN all Gatherings to RELIGIOUS GATHERINGS your power is Decimated, and we will take our Rightful Place as the NEW WINE SKINS?????????

The Commander~

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