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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 115 Views
Published on 14 Sep 2020 / In News and Politics

Multinational forces through the UN and Big Tech are attempting the overthrow of the American republic, but they’re losing! -- 06

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Stand by the mission you fought so hard too live for
As we learn that we are now in a World that will end in 2094 C.E. no matter {what machines} of Magical Interface we may or might so deceive……., you would do better to come to terms that you are in PURGATORY……, and Purgatory is a “Temporary” place for a reason….., and I know not your God, but I do know Our human god… This world is but a REFLECTION of what happened too we all in our Real Bodies, Our Real Lives, and our [Real Deaths] #QANON /_\ in the Real Earth that Hollow Empty Dead Holographic “Moon” in this Celestial Sphere Skies of Sunshine, and Rainbows, and Wilde Wilde Child's… Theretofore, you do have the FREEDOM of Choice` if you are REAL..., but other then that..., YOUR Body Temple Avatar will come to the end: as it was intended be you The Pope of England’ too the Trump of the Miserable…
You see, I am Christ Jesus, and I did so too RETURN to bring you “home” whence this place ends for all time in all places…….., and no matter your Realms……..., your Convictions..., nor your Doubts: FOR You do so know what you’m have done with [your life] Q’s for those you’m HURT.., and those You Know only have parts of your True Character and Intention., but Our God The Source of All Creation, and The Source of All Destruction knows all {that you know} +=+ about your Private Thoughts, Your Public Ways: and in this` you would do well too tell the People no mater your Flag, your Religion, nor your Government {what and why} our Planet Earth Died in the Great Celestial Demigod Wars of old… For when we look at our Dead Hologram Moon in the Dome of the Rock we see Great Abominations of Mass Destruction did so hit Her from the Outside; as well as, the inside of her inner being on OUR Father FLAT EARTH!!!
I had thought as The Christ Conciseness: maybe just maybe there was some Quest I needed to fulfill too save the world, and end this Oraborus Curse of DE-Ja-Vu ONCE and for all…….., but alas’ that was not to be` cause even though we feel, and run, and breath, this place is not actually real: it is just the memory of what happened to we all in another life and another time line long after the GREAT Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854 where MUD FLOOD Atomic Holocaustic Weapons destroyed ALL LIFE, and all that was left was the Buildings from the Golden Age that fell into the Silver Age that Fell into the Bronze that LOST all hope at the End of the Heroic Age, and as we live our days in this IRON AGE of Technocratic Plutocratic Aristocracies, this is your “last chance” too Reconsider your application of your mind, body, and soul in this place of Perdition…
So, as you live out your days: raise your children with the Truth of Pak-Toe as we all blend in among The Racka……., and do what you feel is right, and just, and decent in your heart: No matter what might happen to your “Temporary” Flesh, and Blood, and Bones body Temple Avatar, for If I Christ Jesus would walk on Water, then so can you, and if I Christ Jesus Took The Cross to show my conviction for my love of all people “be you” Jew or Muslims = Catholic or Mormon = Hindu to Shinto to Buddhist and all the rest….., then know you know YOU ARE “responsible” for your actions in this ending DREAM LAND of Reconciliation to Our God, or the Damnation by Your God… The Oracle for the End of Purgatory, and to our desire to get home and “not be dammed” with them that feed of hate, I will see you at the Camp Fire…
Johnny Exodice

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