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#WarRoomShow Full: Joe Biden Holds First Rally With No Crowd As Millions Register For Trump In Tulsa

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 233 Views
Published on 19 Jun 2020 / In News and Politics

*Note* Some of the audio recorded directly from IW Sources loses sync with some segments. This is being investigated. -- 06

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

For you “fools and idiots” of the TRUMP #QANON movement, you know to go to that Trump Concert RALLY….., you have too sign a Contract, and then you will have “Signed” a LEGAL DOCUMENT that states if you catch this FAKE (COVDI9) U.N. Corporate TAKE OVER of the world, then THEY LIVE will use TRUMPS “Red Flag Laws” to take you, throw you into A MENTAL WARD, and treat you with “deadly drugs” as they also take away all you PRO GUN PEOPLE cause Trump and Pence “have played you” and Plagued YOU as your FREE MASON The RED TOAD MAN…..., and his [only purpose] /_\ is too attract PRO 2nd Amendment “U.S. Citizens” and Disarm You for the U.N. Continuing JADE HELM 15 American “Citizens” Patriot MILITARY Operations for these 192 U.N. FLAGS!!!!

The 50 STATES for America have so warned you….


Moreover, for those whom know what a {BANK HOLIDAY} +=+ is and that it “would happen” on a FRIDAY…..., my friend got an Email from “her bank” saying they would [CLOSE EARLY] on FRIDAY at 2P.M. nationwide for the Celebration Conglomeration of “JUNETEENTH” that supposedly ended SLAVERY in the USA on the 19th of JUNE, 2020 C.E.



These TWO Links to ROMAN HOLIDAYS in JUNE is what your [Pagan Gods] /-\ want you to Worship!!!

This is what DEMOLAY – JOBS DAUGHTERS – RAINBOW GIRLS [will be doing] during this so called FREEDOM DAY “June” Weekend Festival of Satanist / * \ Holiday of The Vatican ROMAN CATHOLIC Military U.S. Empire!!!!

Remember, we used to live on a 13th Month “28 Days” Calendar System……., so this 12 Month “Mixed Days” Months is not the REAL TIME LINE….

This stuff was “all planned out” LONG LONG LONG ago……., and they are not talking about PROTECTION of [Dark Skin] [{**}] Native Born U.S. Citizens……..., they mean THE BLACK NOBILITY of the Illuminati {Blood Lines} of SNAKE AND EAGLE that are on all Medical Equipment [SYMBOLS] +=+ and that is why “The Eagle” is above the U.S. FLAG as a {GRAVEN IMAGE} just as Statues STAND on top of your STATES Capitals AT the Highest Point “above” your States National CONSTITUTIONAL FLAGS “bowing down” too these Masonic Evil Spirits “in the minds” of your Males and Females CITIZENS (no matter) [{*}] their age…

Oh yeah…., YOU ARE ALL OUT OF WORK, but your County Government “Get Raises” and get to keep getting their EXCESSIVELY HIGH [PAY CHECKS] cause they are all FREE MASON collaborators, and you ARE Nothing but a {Tax Paying} COUNTY nonmason Citizen????


This is all a Multinational INTERNATIONALIST [freemason] /-\ CORPORATE Take over of all nonmason Companies, Businesses, and Corporations, so that is why {they want you} to WEAR THE MASK during this “Ritualistic” Religious SATANIC Wiccan FREE MASON JUNETEENTH Festival Celebration for the UNITED STATES of FREE MASON FUCKS Cucks and Slags and Pukes!!!!

The Sentinel…


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