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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 326 Views
Published on 24 Mar 2020 / In News and Politics

Trump & other US leaders warn that “chicken little” psychology will create the greatest depression ever

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 7 months ago

Slices of A Pineapple…

You know “COVID 19” is a Military Terms just as JADE HELM 15……..., and as you sit in your homes and Self Isolate…….., you know your “Town Halls” are Empty……., and no one is freeing or feeding “the people” in the PRISONS or the Jails… You have spent your whole life doing whatever the TV SCREEN {Talking Heads} +=+ Told you to do…..., and now that all [TV Screens] / * \ are just Projections of People whom no longer lead you….., you do not “Question” [{**}] why they STOPPED all delivery of food…., and closed down “your bars” and coffee shops…, so you would not Gather in Groups to Say: Our TOWN LEADERSHIP “is in on this” W.H.O. United Nations INTERNATIONAL MAFIA World Domination Plot.., and as we hide “in our houses” [{*}] and apartments., the Military moves around setting up “Strong Holds” to put all nonmason HUMAN Populations Under Siege??? Do you know what it means “too be without” my people no matter what COUNTRY you thought was your Ink on Paper “Govern-mentalist” Religion of Oppression, Submission, and Coercion…

You do see that TRUMP and Pence “no longer talk” about SPACE FORCE cause we all know the Earth is Not a Ball “Spinning in Space” Going nowhere, and we know “we live inside” a Celestial Sphere of Majestic Proportions, and we know in “1850” THIS WHOLE WORLD WAS DEAD!!! So do tell me this as you sit ”in your homes” with your family, and your kids missing your moms and dads, your elders, and your ancestors, what happened “in this place” known as PURGATORY that we had Tens of Thousands of INCUBATOR Babies from “Russia to France” from New York City to Bangladesh, and now that we are all made to Shelter In Place as “U.N. Troops” have taken over the U.S. Government and the U.S. Military whom can “not protect you” when even your POLICE DEPARTMENTS are now just more “U.N. Troops” wearing your Dekalb to Fulton County C.O.P.S. Uniforms??? Do you really believe A Vaccine “is the least” of your Worries as “Comet” Planet X is so soon to impact “the land masses” of all nations???

WE allowed these FREE MASON “Lodge Members” to take every positions “of Authority” from the Pope on Dope to the Shah of Iran to the Rabbi “in that” so called Holy Land, and yet, now that we stay in place and shelter in place, we do not see the “Troops Movements” from India to South Africa??? American Children play their “Mine Craft” and think all is well, but if you are NOT in the Under World D.U.M.B.S. “of your nations” for PROJECT BLUE BEAM, than you will “not be happy” once THE SKY IS FALLING!!! You know “they lie” about Space Ships and Space Force, and yet, so many “are in on it” in our home towns to even our “local collages” and high schools… Friends we thought we could trust have stabbed us “in the back” as they got the INOCULATION to this Influenza Kobe Burger “Bat Snake” Corona Beer NORAD NATO “Death Virus” as the Ports are Empty, and no product is being shipped for any, but OUR MILITARY with its tanks and jets and “drones” and Black Hawks are all in with “REX 84” and Agenda 21 + 30 that says: ALL HUMANS MUST DIE!!!

Get out of “your house” and go to your Courts, your Town Halls, your States Capitals, and if you do see MILITARY FORCES “be they” the City Police to your “once known” NATIONAL GUARDS, then do so ask them…., why are THEY LIVE not in “Self Isolation” cause no one said we had a Vaccine??? From France to Germany, you have “all been played” just as we THE 50 STATES FOR AMERICA by this group of Pirates, Vampires, PizzaGATE “Satanist” known as the Act of 1871 District of Columbia “U.S. FLAG” Government…., and you shall know that we of the RED HAND – KILROY – The 5th Column will “shoot them” all dead for High Treason, Sedition, and Traitors “to we all” no matter what U.N. FLAGS “they so choose” too fly from Russia to Cuba to Italy cause WE ARE “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, and we are done with Actors and Actresses “pointing guns” at WE THE PEOPLE in our “home towns” too Shoot us dead….

Johnny Exodice




The Commander~



Hey Trump The Chump why are you "going to be meeting" with a LOT OF PEOPLE when you are "supposed to be" SELF ISOLATING??? Also??? Where is The Great Seal of the President of the UNITED STATES??? Are you now “just” The CEO of the White House???

Just know “FREE MASON” Trump is speaking in “CODE” to your FREE MASON Populations where you live my “nonmason” People and my “nonmason” Populations…

COMPEL COOPERATION means by “USE OF FORCE” of this illegal ACT OF 1871 “U.S. FLAG” Military of their FREE MASON “United Nations” WORLD DOMINATION PLOT!!!!


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