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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 186 Views
Published on 25 Feb 2020 / In News and Politics

Fighting to keep all Infowars content on banned platforms like Youtube/Twitter/Periscope etc. If you want to continue see Infowars on these banned platforms please subscribe so you can help fight the good fight.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 5 months ago

And The Teacher Spoke…, For so long “our people” have had no names to call our own cause these {Incubus and Succubus} had taken over the world with their Vampire………, and Werewolves ways!!! Moreover…….., all things on the “Westernized” Nations said: Witches……., and Warlock……., and Demons……, and Devils [were good] / * \ while we Mages….., and Sages…., the Empath... and the Healers.., were “to be” no more…. In this dichotomy., we the people had not one clue that ALL ON TV was a lie and “A Misrepresentation” of REALITY where FREE MASON Lodges hid as Churches of SATAN in our Midst while “Hollywood Movies” said The Devil we could not resist??? Since I am now The God of “Pak-Toe” I can give my magical people “all they need” to resist The Racka, and anyone whom presumes “himself or herself” a Wizard of the Craft are no longer welcome at our Gatherings of “Druids and Celts” and Monks of old… Go to your “Wiccan” Satanic ROMAN OTO Kaballa Zohar FESTIVALS with your “Fake Space” and Fake DNA and your “Fake Stories” about where and what and “whom we are” for WE THE PEOPLE shall no longer WORSHIP anything from the [TV Screens] [{**}] to them Chinese Bollywood “Master” Pieces said to feed we the SLAVE POPULATION for we “nonmason” +=+ are no ones slave….., and we do not need to “ask permission” to build our own stuff, sell our own stuff, and elect OUR OWN “nonmason” Governess, Police, Military, Doctors, Therapist and all the rest cause it is “so simple” to Kill a Mockingbird aka A FREE MASON Lodge Member whom we know [shall no longer be] [{*}} a Dirty C.O.P.S. to Dirty Judges to Cruel City Officials “be they” the Mayor to the “Church Preacher” and their Children living off OUR WELFARE for our Tithes “will now go” into OUR COMMUNITIES, and we will take care of “humans” rather then you Witches of the Jobs Daughters, Rainbow Girls, and their ELDERS them EASTERN STARS!!!! Moreover, all you “young boys” and men whom see yourself and your buddies and pals “as Warlocks” and Demons calling we “the nonmason” HUMANS Profane shall no longer have us attend your Colleges, your FRATERNAL ORDER “SORORITY” SISTERS Hazing Parties…..., and I would look over my shoulder now, no matter how RICH “you thought” you were as a Child of a So Called POLITICAL Elder in “Our Town Halls” to our City Walls!!!! The only reason any person in a Political Family has “any money” is cause they live off the WELFARE “off of” our Tax Donations and Gifts to these RELIGIONS of “Scientism” and Abuse……., and for so long every time I paid for Gas to a Bottle of Whiskey, you POLITICAL ones in “our home towns” were all getting the Return as you made the LAWS and the Rules and [The County Jails] too STATE Prisons paid for by OUR NONMASON MONEY!!!! MONEY used to say: We nonmason have “NO SAY” in how the LAWS are made or used in OUR Communities????? This will no longer do…., and all FREE MASON Politicians, Judges, C.O.P.S. and “anyone associated” with these FREE MASON lodges shall have {Citizens Arrest} done by we THE “50 STATES” FOR AMERICA “CORPORATION” for all you people “understand” is GUNS and Beatings..., and lord knows you FREE MASON have fucked over we the “local populations” of our towns for Decades and “Generations” since that last MUD FLOOD ended in 1850 A.D., and that Building called the “White House” had NO FLAG on it.., so in a nation “full of” FREE MASON Criminals run by “Political Religious” FOOLS., we the “nonmason” POPULATIONS now come for you…. The Book of EXODICE!!!!



Join “The Resistors” at mewe.com >>> Johnny Exodice and download “for free” THE BOOK OF NONMASON!!!

The Green Hats of the Red Vest with the Blue "Slade" Shoes of the Tan Gloves and Yellow Coats!!!! TEEN TITANS!!!!


Everything is ink on paper and “all was wrote” by these FREE MASON “INTERNATIONALIST” Globalist!!! Alex Jones~


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Cool Jazz and a sunrise.     7/14/20
Tessa Cunningham