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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 76 Views
Published on 16 Jan 2020 / In News and Politics

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Teacher…, what are we só hunted for, and why do they want you dead??? Blood matters, but Spirit more só… I was the one whom did not die in the BLOOD RESET!!! As you know…, I’m one of many “connected” to the Christ Blood……., but it is not OUR BLOOD per`se that they seek too destroy for it is just part of the Flesh and the Bones…..., but in their MACHINE GOLEM THINKING these “Parasitical Entities” think if they just find some imaginary “Certain Type” of Blood….., then they can Wipe Out {ALL Celestial Beings} / * \ and keep this place kinda like the Software Programs in the MATRIX Movie… You would do well to [talk to your elders] and older children among you for the ONE Thing these Pyramid People “hate most” is that WE HAVE Retained our Child Like Ways…., but not the “Childish Ways” of a SPOILED BRAT!!! This place is a SIMULATION..., and it is “most intense” as I watch.., and those whom are into ASTROLOGY., and Astronomy, and this is “THEIR” RELIGION of ink on paper, and though they seek the GOLDEN AGE, they can not Deny that REPEATING is REPEATING…?, and it is not we whom keep repeating as I have shown you, it is YOUR Symbiots!!! And yes, I do channel my inner Voice, and last Night I even had “The Vision” where WE ARE being to discern…., and see things, and we DO NOT HEAR VOICES, but “our enemy” in this Great Celestial Battle Star Galactica War does not want us to find “COHESION” with our INNER VOICES!!! As for this 12 month Calendar that is [A Bastardization} of the TRUE TIME LINE of 13 Constellations, you are being MANIPULATED {once more] +=+ by more INK on PAPER Books…., and Web Pages, and just as them FOOLS in the COLONY TV Show that is still on NetFlix, you are being PLAYED FREE MASON Children!!!! There is “no Golden Age” to come for PURGATORY, and Purgatory is NOT someplace you go “when you die” as the ROMAN CATHOLICS [Ink on Paper] [{**}] Preach and Teach… WE must come to “TERMS” if we can Cry the True Tears of Regrets, then we will NO LONGER LIE…., and we do not need Secret handshakes or “SECRETS” this or that to BELONG to some group when {We All Belong} [{*}] to The Whole!!! IF you can not Tell or Speak The Truth…., then you have already been Cloned and Wiped and Replaced on the “INSIDE” where all is Thought for only a REAL HUMAN {Celestial Being} can be HONEST while these FAKE People of the Q Movement wish to put the Masses into “RAGE” and Malice where I teach you to only GET ANGRY…., and Keep your cool…. Do not TELL Anyone about your Guns or Bullets or Gangs – Crews – Freedom Fighters for [TOO PARTICIPATE] in any way with these GOVERNMENTS of FAKE SPACE and FAKE DNA and FAKE His-Story is to still be one with this SIMULATION, and “they will” come hunt you just as these FREE MASON Lodges wiped out the Christians [in the] NEW TESTAMENT that we now Relive in Their Bodies… If PETITIONS Worked, then we would have fixed this place!!! If Being a Peaceful Protestor Helped, HONG KONG “would be free” as would North Korea, China, Saudi Arabia, and the Palestinians… You must BREAK SHIT, but in this…., do not let no one see you…., be Stealthy and as Wise as a Snake “is the Saying” when you are unseen, NO ONE can see something and SAY SOMETHING as Obama and Trump and all these “Robotic Android” Monsters think they are The Light!!!!! Take care of OUR PEOPLE…., and if we can NOT STOP this war, well then, it was not meant to be Stopped cause we are only living “A Memory” called The Oraborus CURSE of De-Ja-Vu, só enjoy the Dance, and PROTECT OUR Knowledge to share with [those whom come] after us for “we are all” going home…., and if you do not want to KILL??? No can make you, not even me… In that, do not go to any PROTEST, but go on ROAD Trips for the End of An Age is Upon us, and we are going home when our TEMPORAL BODY AVATARS “give out” while they are Dammed and Destined and Fated to REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT… Listen to “YOUR Dreams” if you can REMEMBER THEM when you wake from sleep...The King of Angels and Demons… We Are Pak-Toe… We don’t do Racka… We Take Them Out… The Book of EXODICE!!!


At 00:35 in this VIDEO your PEOPLE are dead, and yes, you may Travel to find People and Congregate, but as I keep telling you, IF THEY “DO NOT TALK” THAT WE ARE IN PURGATORY and this {Celestial Sphere} of the MUD FLOODS and FLAT EARTH, then they are Robots aka ARTIFICIAL PERSONS…., and they cannot speak the TRUTH for these FREE MASON Made a Machine called THE EDISON in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA to work out MASTERING THE HUMAN POPULATION “by Depopulation” called JADE HELM 15 – REX 84 – AGENDA 21 – AGENDA 30… Moreover, Christ Said: G.O.D. would not allow these people to see what we see… Sad, but hang with FLAT EARTH and “let them ramble” on talking too more and more EMPTY Cities for these {are the ones} whom murdered us all….

The Commander~ [///|||\\\]

}} DO NOT SIGN ANY PETITIONS!!!! They will track you down and “RED FLAG YOU” / * \ INTO MUD FLOOD ASYLUMS!!!! The Commander~ Q+ The Pen`

https://videos.utahgunexchange.com/ Johnny Exodice

mewe.com >>> Johnny Exodice


THERE IS NO CROPS too FEED “the world” or even we the PEOPLE of OUR 50 STATES FLAGS that never fly on their own, or do we nonmason put {OUR FLAGS} on our Police and Militarily Uniforms….


Trump [was always] +=+ A TROJAN HORSE…., you have been played by the Q – Anon….



It is rare to get só many WW1 photos and a TIME LINE… Now REMEMBER, these are all The INCUBATOR BABIES grown up from 1893 T.L.

At 13:28 in the above Video we have WORLD WAR ONE Machine Guns and LARGE BULLETS that would work in these Repurposed CANONS as they never had CANON BALLS, they used Gian Bullets…. So, yeah they once were used for something else in this ETERNAL PLACE but we have PROOF now that Canons do not Shoot Canon Balls!!!

Also, at my much earlier point, there is a Drawing showing that looks like ENERGY WAVES or Electrolytic Magnetic RAIL GUNS was another Tyre Purpose for these So Called Canons...


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