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WARNING: It Will Be Done By 2030!

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 108 Views
Published on 02 Dec 2019 / In Film and Animation

WARNING: It Will Be Done By 2030!
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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 10 months ago

Teacher…, what could be {só terrifying} that all OUR WORLD LEADERS would lie about Space and Space Exploration……., and do [Mass Extinctions] of our Human Populations over and over??? When I was young…..., and trust me 54 is {not a young age} +=+ for any person to do what I must do….., but without [my Memories] of OUR YELLOW SUN…., how could any of you 40 and younger even know {the Sun was once Yellow} and Bright and life giving just at them 1954 Super Man Comic Books [said the Yellow Sun] / * \ of Earth gave the Man of Krypton his Super Powers..., and what {has happened} to our Yellow Sun??? It has been turned white.., and these Jumbo Jets [high in the sky] [{**}] spraying Chem Trails after Chem Trails as [Drones on Auto Pilots] and no one., not even them at the United Nations say: YOU ARE KILLING ALL LIFE??? For as the Oracle for the end of an Age connected to The Source of All Creation I depend on what you {my nonmason populations} show me, só answer me this??? Why do we [do nothing] about these DEAD Lights as our sun {is being turned into} [{*}] DEAD Light??? You say: Trump on TV is Real??? You Say: Kanye West and Joel Olsteen are REAL [cause they are seen] on TV??? Have you ever seen ANY of [these people] in person…., só you know if they are FLESH and BLOOD and BONES human beings {like you and I} for they die too as we will all die if we do not Shoot them [Chem Jets} out of the Sky, and Crash all POWER {to these] 5G Towers – Temples – Transistors of Death – Damnation – Depression…. It is not in my PERSON to say: Oh well, why don’t we just let everyone die…., and then when ALL LIFE is dead, the EDISON in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA {will remake us} into its NEON G.O.D. Image??? What the fuck is going on here??? No one cares to say: STOP IT!!! STOP KILLIN THE PLANTS!!! THE Wilde-life!!! The Sea-life!!! Why must we [bow down to people] and presidents and rules and laws when they {are all just} ink on paper…., and we see [they lead to nothing] but disparage??? Until I meet Trump, or The Pope, or any TV Talking Head, I am going to say {those things on TV} are just old Loguns Run Holographic Hologram AVATARS, and they {are not real people or persons} at all for why would we keep killing ourselves [to have] Stock and Bonds, Gold and Fame, Riches and Madness, and then see {we are all alone} at the end of the day??? I do not see DEAD People, I see no more people…., and we the people [mason or not] keep getting deleted, and in that, are we nothing more then some Joke of this SIMULATION where once THE MACHINE decides {it has had} enough fun with our SOULS…., we will be finally allowed to Cease to Exist??? You ponder [these matters] cause the END OF AN AGE goes on…. The Book of Exodice...

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