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War has been declared and it’s against US.mp4

Max Anderson
Max Anderson - 89 Views
Published on 20 Mar 2020 / In Film and Animation

Published on Mar 20, 2020
The president told you. He’s at war. The internet will be next piece of the puzzle BUT 5G is NOT the cause of this.
Wake up or you never will

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

And The Teacher Spoke…, You live inside A MACHINE known as the Great Purgatorium, and you have always been here, and will always return here for there is no other life, but the one you live right now, right here, and right before your very presence!!! You know you go “too many places” when you lay your Human Body of Blood and Bones and Flesh to rest, yet you always wake right back up in the Human Body Temple TEMPORARY Celestial Being Personage “that is you” no matter how many drugs or drink you do “too escape” your ETERNAL BEING… You have killed one another for Time immemorial, and yet, you always have had A “choice” to change this Grand Construct known as our Home World of Purgatory, but so many of you “want others” to tell you what to do??? How many times do you have De- Ja Vu??? How many times do you “fall back asleep” and think……..., what do I matter…….., why AM I here……., and when will I be free “of this place” of Emotions……, and Feelings “be they” Turmoil to Treachery too “Coercion” and Invasion??? You know the FREE MASON Lodges used to be places of Wonders where “The MASTER Builder” would teach you how to pull the knobs….., and change the perspective from day to day as The Sun Goddess is but a Wheel in the Sky of our FLAT Duel Earth Reality!!!! You see the “whole wide world” has come to a STOP…., and you still do nothing too change??? Do you really need the “TV Screen” to be your NEON G.O.D. ??? Have you lost the conceptualization “to think” for your self..., and say what you want??? Do you allow “other people” to beat you..., and hurt you.., and rape you` cause they have a COSTUME known as your Political to Military to Religious SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT??? Have YOU not once “Questioned” why do you go to so many variations of life in your Dreams while your human body “lays in stasis” sleeping in this Realm while your Soul., and Your Spirits, and Your Symbiots, and your PERSON “for you are” always THE PERSON Watching in these Dreams you have “be they” Adventure too Sexual Pleasure to Night Terrors and Night Mares, but what do “you think” would happen if this place Ceased to Exist??? Would you still have a body laying deep in some “abandoned chamber” with many other LOGUNS RUN Reflections of what you once were??? Do you FEAR “Death” because you know “we all” are DEAD a long long long time ago….., and we made this Holographic Hologram “Sentience” to keep our memories alive of what we once were where people “would sing” and dance and find romance, and we lived in a world with NO TAXES…..., Nor Religions, nor Lies to Corruption to “COVID 19” WHO World Domination Convictions as “The Controllers” do not exist……., nor does any Super Natural Hate Filled G.O.D. Gods, or S.A.T.A.N. hunt or haunt you “for the life” we all live here in Planet Orb Earth inside the “Concentric Circles” of the Whorl is but a REFLECTION of what “we all allow” be It the worst that mankind can do “be we” male and female…….., or the best we Men and Wombmen Choose to do……..., so our Future Births “are not” the REFLECTION of what we see right now… Do you want a world where “you can participate” in the RULE OF LAW.., and abolish all Courts.., and Judges.., Lawyers., Doctors, and Kings and Queens, and live “as one people” no matter your travels from Death too Rebirth??? Then you must “invoke” Your Right to Exist, and state that you are A Member, A Constituent, and A CITIZEN “Representative” of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, and then these “U.N FLAGS” will all bow down to the will of “we the people” cause no matter these Pyramid Schemes from Presidents to Dictators, they live off OUR Welfare as Representative, Constituent, Member “of all” these places we go, and they do not help one another, nor hear the land, the sea, or the air when it cries out, and ONLY YOU can become a Leader among “your people” and Lead them into the way “of we” The NEW WINE SKINS, and put too death “THE WAYS” of all these Old WINE Skins with their “Stocks and Bonds” and Mandatory Payments when the poor are hurting, the sick are but you, and WE ARE is all that will “ever happen” in this place, but once “the many” say enough, then “the minority” must COMPLY – OBEY – SUBMIT to the Will of the Many known as WE THE PEOPLE…. The Book of EXODICE!!!


Either take control of your DESTINY, or others “will always” tell you what to do…


You have the right to travel and go “where you please” as a Member and CITIZEN “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition...


All your WORLD LEADERS want “is war” and more war, and they now plan to put “U.N. Troops” on the Streets of All Nations in our own Military “Personage” UNIFORMS called PROJECT BLUE BEAM of Agenda 21 + 30 where JADE HELM 15 and REX 84 want to do the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853T.L. to 1854 T.L. once again……., and your WORLD LEADERS live off of YOUR Taxes known as WELFARE “FOR THE RICH” whom would have nothing without OUR we the peoples “Taxes and Tithes” too Religion Governments!!!!


At 9:45 this FREE MASON lodge member says: Too get these "Scheme" off the ground???? You see my nonmason Populations these EMPLOYEES of "we the people" have no {LEGAL Right} +=+ to make you stay at home as U.K. CITIZENS, and you best go V for Vendetta on all them "U.N. Troops" in your Police and Military Uniforms!!! https://www.thefreedictionary.com/Scheme

You send me that fucking Letter "FREE MASON" and I will Shoot you Dead!!!! The Society of nonmason~ Q [///|||\\\] Ahhhhhh Mental Wards and Trump the Chumps RED FLAG LAWS!!!!

Q+ The Pen`

The Commander~


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