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Visual Proof of Fake Sun Simulators and the Aircraft That Support It

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 106 Views
Published on 17 Jan 2020 / In Film and Animation

Now that we know about the Colossus MUD FLOOD Machines off the Coast of Santa Barbara... Here is more PROOF Holographs and Holograms are PROJECT BLUE BEAM and JADE HELM 15.... The Soldiery of nonmason~

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Vqvxt_EXnU You better study this MUD FLOOD Empty Cities all over the world in 1850 C.E. and this is what is happening again, check out my latest Video on PROJECT BLUE BEAM that was always code for JADE HELM 15 Continuing Operations.... Q+ The Pen` EVERY 150 Years there is a PURGE by something that I say is THE EDISON Machine in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA that was being repaired to do this in 2020 aka That STORM Trump told you he could not prevent, nor did he warn any of “WE NONMASON” U.S. Citizens “to Prepare” to live through it… If you are up to date, it is time to “TRAVEL” forget the War and PROTEST aka Distraction só they can RED FLAG YOU and just lock you up as the MUD FLOOD COME…... We are [all dead] anyway…. The Commander~ [///|||\\\]

Johnny Exodice LIVES!!! and So do we… The Book of EXODICE!!! Oma – Kana – Sheena means: I love you forever… >> Johnny Exodice and MeWe.com >>> Johnny Exodice FOR all whom have their Bug Out Bags, check to make sure you have {Seeds to Plant} +=+ when this passes…., and make sure your “DRY FOOD” is not FAKE Plaster and Bugs!!!

The Society of nonmason~

Code 9 You may have just Months………, or Weeks to “PREPARE” and Gold and Silver and Paper Money {will not feed you} or buy you drink when 99% or more of all POPULATION is dead and burried under Miles of MUD from BOMBS “going off” in our Oceans as we speak… Lay Low, get ready, and find Higher Grounds….


P.S. youtube could be on [ALL Automation] as is the TV NEWS… Do Thumbs Down to say: I AM REAL!!! I AM STILL ALIVE!!!! TRUST NO MEDIA “walk your towns” and look for PEOPLE for these FREE MASON have already gone undergound!!! Jeppo Jinx~


Make sure you have {2-way Radios} and disable these “CELL TOWERS for they are not what you think they are [5G DEATH RAY] Full Spectrum MICROWAVE BUBBLE WEAPONS!!!

Keep up your nonmason Patrols…


We Are Pak-Toe!!! We don’t do Racka… We take them out!!



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