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Veracity Matters: EXPLOSIONS-118 Reports Omitted & Reported In Mainstream & More!

terry morris
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Published on 27 May 2020 / In News and Politics

Brand New! Veracity Matters is back with not one or two but FOUR News stories that have only hit the headlines the past month with regards to the events of Tuesday, September 11th 2001.
From a major Channel 5 documentary highlighting 118 reports of major explosions from First Responders to an incident that occurred in France where intelligence officers foiled a plot, to further DNA identification and the latest news re. the University of Alaska Fairbanks 4 yr study of the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7.

118 Reports Omitted Confirms Channel 5 Documentary-Daily Express

Sky News-Terror Plot foiled in France
DNA Evidence 18 Yrs On-CNN

University of Alaska Fairbanks Study Release-NIST Refuses-AE911

Veracity Matters and the up to date news with regards to 9/11.

All comments with regards any or all of the news articles down below the video description.

The Truth Will Find A Way

Any Theory That Has More Veracity Than The 9/11 Commission Report Is A Plausible One.

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