Valley of Fire 06/29/2019

Published on 29 Jun 2019 / In Sports

We were trying to burn some new trails in but it was a little challenging. Most of the terrain out there is what we call "poof" dirt. It's like riding on top of baby powder and creates severe visibility issues if you're not in front. I got stuck in the first clip on some rock step-ups because I was following to close and didn't see them in time. I'm looking down at them with the camera so they don't look like much. The hill was steep with lots of "poof" dirt so very little traction. The first step was about two and a half feet tall and the second about two foot and the third where I flamed out about a foot. The spacing was much less than a bike length so you are hitting one in the rear while the front hits another one. The transitions where straight up and down. I would rather drive in deep sand than "poof" dirt!

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