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V26, 30-30 Win. Redding T7 Turret, Cleaning the Cartridge Cases with Thumler’s Tumbler

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Published on 28 Feb 2020 / In Firearms

V26, Redding T7 Turret, Cleaning the Cartridge Cases with Thumler’s Tumbler


From my personal experience, Thumler’s Tumbler is the best rotary tumbler on the market. It is designed for dependable long-term use and the motors are designed to shut down if overheated. My father used his Thumler’s Tumbler for many years and now I have used my Thumler’s Tumbler for about five years with no issues. This is a product I would buy again. Also, let's talk a little bit about coffee. God bless and thanks for watching. Highboy

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