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URGENT! Full Disclosure from INSIDE’ - Dr Buttar

Published on 09 May 2020 / In News and Politics

"The actual Resolution number is 6666 . . . This act is to allow individuals to come into your house, if somebody in your family has a cough, fever, or anything they determine that shows you have Covid-19 regardless if you've been tested or not. Remember: testing has already shown there to be a high rate of false positives . . . They're going to use that to pull you or your loved ones - especially your children - away under pretence of 'public safety'. Wake up and pass this information on . . . "


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Rustydog1973 1 month ago

Thank you for informing us. I have my ear to the ground on most things, but not this. Sharing.

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lookup4Truth 2 months ago

I can hear you.

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