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UNRESTRAINED - "No more shall My servants be restrained, by any means!" Declares The Lord...

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Published on 08 Aug 2020 / In Film and Animation

From THE VOLUMES OF TRUTH - Words To Live By... More Words of Wisdom From The Lord, Our God and Savior

Source: https://www.thevolumesoftruth.....com/Words_To_Live_By

*Words To Live By - FULL PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playli....st?list=PLE8FlkxQPQk

Text: "Consider this, says The Lord; ponder it and also receive it: By good works you will not find Me, yet good works are found in Me. And by My works shall you begin to know Me, for My works shall be done in you.

Yet understand this also: Where human power is, pride follows close behind. Yet one who surrenders to The Lord will be given eagle’s wings. Yea, nothing shall be impossible for them, for I shall be with them and in them, says The Lord... In that day, wheresoever I am will My servants be also, and wheresoever I go My servants will follow. And whatsoever I decree will be done in an instant, and those who are chosen will go for Me without hesitation, and that which I speak in this place will be heard in another.

And no more shall My servants be restrained,
By any means! Declares The Lord...

For it is I, The King of Glory,
Who has spoken it."

- Regarding Faith: http://answersonlygodcangive.com/Regarding_Faith
- Regarding Pride: http://answersonlygodcangive.com/Regarding_Pride
- Regarding the Day of The Lord: http://answersonlygodcangive.c....om/Regarding_the_Day
- The Messiah: http://answersonlygodcangive.com/The_Messiah

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