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UN Plan to Confiscate Guns Inside the United States Goes Viral - FULL SHOW 1/2/19

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Published on 08 Jan 2020 / In Film and Animation

InfoWars Full Show 1/2/19

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 6 months ago

Why should my mom and dad die in IRAN when we have NUKES???

You say That Iran is the Enemy of America, but I am not An American Citizen, I am a U.S. Citizen, só what would I care if the U.S. Government Throws away your sons and daughters in IRAN cause the PRESIDENT is a Murderer in The United States CEO position of POTUS??? Does not the Q Movement say: WE WANT MORE WAR!!! Well, then let these FREE MASON Lodges have more war for the FREE MASON are SLAVES to the INTERNATIONALIST, and since it is only FREE MASON Kids in the Military sending nonmason Children into Battle, we do not need to use the TRUE WAY to end this WAR OF WARS any way, and that is DIPLOMACY!!! For the past few years has not The Oracle for the End of this Age said that the SPRAY PAINTS on the Sidewalks and Streets of OUR 50 States FOR America is for INVASION by U.N. Troops whom are wearing OUR U.S. Military Uniforms???

Considerations that JADE HELM 15 had already wiped out Goleta and Isle Vista in CALIFORNIA USA in 2015 C.E. and Put in The MUD FLOOD REPLACEMENT Populations where if you but go there, and look around, you will find NO PEOPLE, except when you go to the Colleges in Them Cities why even Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA has been DEPOPULATED by Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 of the UNITED NATIONS International Mafia of freemason lodges??? You are not certain of my words cause you do nothing but STARE at the Screens in your Hands these BLACK MIRROR Devices where what ever TV Says is the WAY, then you Dress just as you see them in the MOVIES??? Is NOT this WAR with IRAN just another Hollow Wood Movie Production, só the masses are DISTRACTED while U.N. Troops in the U.S. Military Uniform kill all Americans along our Southern Boarders???

After all, this is the NEW YEAR of SATAN where 2020 T.L. is the New Time Line for our WORLD POLICE the ENFORCERS of G4S and Academi to REPLACE all Local and County and City Police WITH The Obamas 21st Century FEDERAL Police Act, and have you not Kept up with all of TRUMPS FEMA CAMP Executive Orders of RED FLAG LAWS……., and Take their Guns……, and kill their City Officials “whom” are NOT freemason Lodge Members??? Wow….., You really know nothing do you with your Fucking S.M.A.R.T. phones as all these CELL TOWERS are Military GRADE FULL SPECTRUM Directed Energy Weapons as The INTERNATIONALIST plan to Ripp open the Sky of The Firmament once again??? No matter…., you just go back to sleep when you could go to the City of Fort Lauderdale in FLORIDA USA..., and see THAT [they too] have already been DEPOPULATED {by REX 84} military terms worked out long before MADE IN CHINA } in Vietnam.., and took over the U.S. Manufacturing Jobs., as The RED DRAGON from the Book of REVELATION…

Still want to say: The FREE MASON Lodges are our Friends, and NOT in Control of All Media, All Political, and All RELIGIONS, and all Schools you só Attend??? Then Why when the NEWS from RT to PressTV to NBC CBS ABC and even many other Lands TV they show you a DARK IMAGE of Something Flying in the Night, but THEY DO NOT SHOW YOU ANY ONE on them U.S. Military Bases saying: The U.S. Government won’t let us use COUNTER MEASURES to stop them Rockets from killing us??? In a Day and Age of SURVEILLANCE…., we can get no Cell Phone Footage of the Incoming IRAN Rockets, and you telling me YOUR CHILDREN are só stupid…., they just wait for them ROCKETS to land in their CONCENTRATION CAMPS called Military Schools of INDOCTRINATION to Shelter in PLACE and Die, but do not Launch OUR U.S. FLAG [American Weapons] +=+ to Shoot down the Incoming Missiles???

Johnny Exodice

P.S. ONE LAST THING??? IF EVERY YOUTUBE Channel said: SHUT IT DOWN AND Talked ALL DAY about NO MORE WAR!!!! Would not this War end now???..., and we could kill our FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST in the Pentagon and Iran and all of them Conneceted to The UNITED NATIONS of Satan???

The Society of nonmason~

BOOK TWO OF NONMASON can be downloaded FREE at mewe.com >>> Johnny Exodice



YOUR FREE MASON LODGES are the REPLACEMENTS for you my nonmason Populations just as this FREE MASON on Stage knows they FAKED THE MOON LANDINGS!!!

Q+ The Pen`

P.S. Go Read the NDAA 2020 where The U.S. Military States: President Donald J. Trump has FAILED the United States, só when will the DOD Kill Donald for FAILURE to Execute Nukes on North Korea, or will the U.S. FLAG just Drop Bombs on We the 50 STATES FOR AMERICA and then Say North Korea or IRAN did it??? Welcome to our CELESTIAL SPHERE HOME WORLD OF PURGATORY…

The Commander~ [///|||\\\]


RELIGIONS that tell you to BOW DOWN to GOVERNMENT as God and to Support WAR after WAR that OUR CHILDREN DIE IN are not About Christ Jesus!!!!

John 13:34 – Mathew 28 – 1st Corinthians 13

The FREE MASON Lodges must OPEN THEIR DOORS to we the nonmason Populations!!!!



One last Thing, IRAN has no DRONE Phone Rockets to Go BOOM BOOM BOOM??????


Time to go Black Widow and Green Arrow for they have all FAILED OUR CITIES!!!

The President FOR Our World Republic Constitution COALITION has spoken…


ONCE THESE BOMBS DROP!!! All Nuclear Hydrogen WAR Breaks Out…

Timothy Smith~


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bodhi_mantra 6 months ago

^^ ty for this my friend

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