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Two great evils, Pick one?

Dawn Road
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Published on 29 Jul 2020 / In News and Politics

The world continues to become more and more radical politically, picking either side: Communism or Capitalism. Left or Right deep down you know that neither side represents the ideal political system, you will always have evil regardless who is in power. So how do we respond?

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

The Disconnect

They would NEVER Do That!!! This Just can not be!!! Is the hysteria we find in “those” whom can not Accept that all WORLD LEADERS are filled with [Evil Spirits] #QANON /_\ and that they been using the TV 2D Flat Screens as a Weapon called PROJECT BLUE BEAM to do their JADE HELM 15 (COVID19) World Domination Plot… When you know EVERY FLAG is a UNITED NATIONS Flag, then there is no Iraq, no China, No Brazil, No Russia, no USA, there is only {Paramilitary Goons} [{**}] of U.N. Troops hiding under the “FLAGS” of the U.N. FLAG, but they all conspire as one to do WAR IS MURDER when Murder is against THE RULE OF LAW and ORDER!!! Moreover, now that the Federal Reserve / * \ has crashed the ECONOMY, and these INTERNATIONALIST CORPORATIONS have all put you out of Work, people still say: WE MUST TRUST THE GOD of the Government that “My Flag” raised me for a Piece of Cloth I do so Sell My SOUL too the Devil…

If things were going to Change for the better, it would have happened by now, but when so many of OUR FELLOW CITIZENS are [in on this] Q - WORLD DOMINATION PLOT cause they get Pieces of “Ink on Paper” known as BLOOD MONEY to do WAR IS MURDER, then the LAST WAR will be our Own Fellow Citizens taking “we out” +=+ cause they are LOYAL to them FREE MASON Lodges in our Home Towns, and Mega Cities [{*}] while we THE NONMASON are left too rot in this living Hell!!! Did not WE THE PEOPLE Pay “our Governments” PROTECTION MONEY???, and do tell me this Fellow Citizens, do you ACTUALLY think these “U.N. FLAGS” give a damn about anyone when this U.N. FLAG CORPORATION Closed the whole wide world down for a LIE.?.?.?.?

Your RELIGIONS and their “Elders” have all betrayed WE THE PEOPLE “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition cause we have a BLUE PRINT too have Peace and Harmony and Jobs!!! Jobs!!! Jobs!!! working as a UNITED PEOPLE [no matter] /-\ our Eye Color, Skin Color, and Hair Color, but all these U.N. FLAGS do is PEACEKEEPING “Missions” as MISSIONARIES with their U.N. Troops known as “Peacekeepers” whom take all the pieces of our Rights, and turn them into Confetti Shredded Paper “Machinate” where WE THE PEOPLE have [no rights] Q when our POLICE and MILITARY are all [owned and run] Q as FREE MASON U.N. FLAGS Thugs, Mercenaries, and Privateers to do WAR IS MURDER “that makes” WAR IS WRONG!!!

I do so listen to that old Album by JANIS IAN called Between The Lines……..., and the Base…….., and the Piano sing in “Soulful Melody” that many do not care what happens as long as it ain’t happening too them……., and since THEY GOT JOBS putting up “Fake Signs” of WE ARE HIRING…..., ain’t none of us NONMASON going back “to work” cause the FREE MASON have been faking Space for 555 Years….., and you do so know that these MASONIC TEMPLES were the Egyptians called the “Chaldean” in the Holy Rollie Bible whom Ripped Open the Skies making MUD FLOODS…., and Cataclysm..., and as the {Under Educated} BY INTENT called WE THE PEOPLE “still want” too kill for their FLAGS.., they have no clue that ALL FLAGS are U.N. FLAGS., and that does so make ALL MILITARY “U.N. Troops” of REX 84 of Agenda 21 and Agenda 30…

Johnny Exodice


Under LOCK DOWN by “The People” we do so EMPLOY as the GOVERNMENT` we have all become Discombobulated as they do their DESTRUCTION of all that was never real anyway… You best pay off your CARS, and Debts, or they will “take them” and you to PRISON for unpaid Bank Notes of INK ON PAPER, so do learn from The Gospels to make Peace “with your” DEBTORS my Credit Card FOOLS, or THEY LIVE will leave you in FEMA DEATH Debtors CAMPS called your Local Jails and State Prisons!!!


DO NOT GO TO PROTEST, it is only a way for Local FREE MASON C.O.P.S. to get to know your FACES to arrest you later under {MS13 Boogaloo} JADE HELM 15 Round Up Tactics, and when people SHOW A GLOBE they are still with the FREE MASON practicing THEIR CRAFT cause they are very MANIPULATIVE to reveal you to HOMELAND SECURITY too be labeled later as Antifa BLM!!!! The EARTH IS FLAT, and none of these Pukes Promote that KNOWLEDGE!!!!

The Sentinel…

Shh Miami
860 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139-5808


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