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Turkey cuts water supply to areas of north-east Syria - war crime.

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Published on 20 Jul 2020 / In Film and Animation

Via Syrian researcher, Ibrahim Mohammad.

"Local Syrian media and activists on social media reported pictures and videos taken on the banks of the Euphrates River on Wednesday, described as "shocking", as they show the shrinkage of the width of the largest river in the country by hundreds of meters starting from the city of Jarablus to the Tishreen Dam, and shows a record decrease in the level of the river that reaches the point of drought as a result of #Turkey's closure two months ago of a number of water crossing gates to #Syria, which are located on dams inside the Turkish territories, such as the giant "Elisu" dam, which led to a decrease in the level of water storage in the Euphrates.

The daily flow rate does not exceed 150 cubic meters per second, while the agreement signed in 1987 between Syria and Turkey provides for for Turkey's commitment to pump 500 cubic meters per second, at a minimum...!!
The water problem that Turkey is using as a weapon against the Syrians for years now, is threatening the provision of drinking water to the residents of northern and eastern Syria, in addition to the decrease in electricity generation hours as it threatens the local production of agricultural lands on the banks of the river.

The administration of the Tishreen Dam -the second largest hydroelectric station in Syria- has warned at the beginning of the last week that the continuation of cutting off the waters of the Euphrates by Turkey from within its lands, will negatively affects the economy of the community, the public food security, and the provision of drinking water to the citizen, the dam administration has also announced the reduction the hours of electric power generation provided by the Euphrates and Tishreen stations starting from mid-June, so the dams would generate electrical energy for only 10 hours, after it was 18 hours per day, which is distributed to the regions of northern and eastern Syria"


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