Truth... versus... Lies.

Jean Schoonbroodt
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Published on 30 Aug 2018 / In Film and Animation

Message from God.

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Jean Schoonbroodt
Jean Schoonbroodt 1 year ago

In these days many are confronted with several opinions concerning different things. Many confrontations are going around on the surface of the earth. Many discuss, sometimes polite, sometimes raw. It's almost always a confrontation between light and darkness, truth versus lies. Many oppose one-another. What will be the outcome ? War or peace... or is there already a spiritual war going on. A war for souls, a war for hell or heaven ? A war concerning information or disinformarmation ? A war of words with consequences ? Will a nation split ? Or is the nation already split ? Will the nation remain a nation... or are international groups of interests taking over... or is the nation already in the hands of non-nationalists and in the hands of domestic or foreign enemies of the state ? Soon things will be unraveled, for even hidden/secret things can not remain hidden. Light of GOD YHWH the Almighty One, brings the works of darkness to the surface... and all will soon know the TRUTH. God bless all that have ears to hear, what GOD says by His Spirit and words... and revealtions. For God's plan within creation will be fulfilled, even when people deny His existence. For GOD YHWH is in charge of the universes and the earth.

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