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Trumps Palestine Peace Plan Will Only Escalate Tensions. MIC Praises Peace Plan. Kill, Kill, Kill

Peace Terrorist
Peace Terrorist - 120 Views
Published on 08 Feb 2020 / In Entertainment

full show here,
Venezuelan War Coming - Coronavirus Crisis

tis video banned on youtube,

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 5 months ago

The Mysteries of the Madness

You best stay away from the “Vaping OILS” for you are just putting OIL MIST into your Bronchial……..., and “that liquid” will build up in the Chambers of your Lungs…….., and Drown you… You must “never forget” that we are in PURGATORY……., and the Evil Ones run this place from the PRESIDENTS “of your Nations” that do nothing but live off the WELFARE CHECKS {you do só give them} in TAXES to all the RELIGIONS of this FLAT DOME EARTH inside this Celestial Sphere where from the [Imam to the Rabbi] to the Pope to the Preachers “THEY LIVE” want you to WORSHIP them as the speakers of G.O.D. You have too see` there are “many people” whom are not “HUMAN” in the Mind…..., or Soul….., or Person for they are nothing more then “Incubus and Succubus” FEEDING off your Dreams and Desires and Wishes and “Hopes” and what do them Cobe Bryant BALLS MEN and “BALLS WOMEN” give your poor…., and needy…, and those “without” where you live at the END OF THE GAME??? Nothing!!! They keep all the Billions and Millions and Trillions “you have given them” in Tribute when you buy their "Sports Jersey's" to their RAP Country “Rock and Roll” Pop Songs!!! They live as “TV Screen” KINGS and QUEENS while you “have needs” they can never fulfill…

You see.., you have “forgotten” how to get ANGRY!!!, and that does “not” mean you have Wrath., or Malice in your heart, but you no longer “have too feed” these THINGS called Movies Stars, Music Stars, Sports STARS, Political STARS…., and Religious STARS “be they” Muslim Christian Jews to Buddhism Hindu “Catholics” of the Synagogue of SATAN that Vatican Place where men Rape Children, and Nuns join in the “PizzaGATE” Satanic RITUAL “Religous” Activities…., and yet, the Pope is nothing more then a “WORM” living once again off “YOUR TRIBUTE” and {Voluntary Taxes} called Tithing…., and do not all these AMERICAN NEW WORLD ORDER “TV PREACHERS” do the same??? They are “not rich” because GOD or SATAN has blessed them…., they only got Million Dollar Homes and $10,000.00 [Shoes and Suits] and Dresses and Ties cause YOU FEED THEM with your “Gifts” and Donations and “Charity” while they whittle away your last Two Cents just like “The Lady” Christ Jesus spoke of saying all these men and women “Worship” Lucifer the FREE MASON LODGES “in your” home towns!!!

You will not catch me or “my people” in your RELIGIONS that say: Your wombmen are to treated as whores and bitches, and your “wombmen” are to have no rights compared to the males, and your Wombmen are to “SERVE the Husband” as a Slave?????? My my my!!! No wonder they killed Christ Jesus cause he said this [was complete] and Utter BULL SHIT!!! Moreover, I do só agree that since we males and females “do come from” the WOMB…., then the Wombman is to be honored and protected and “respected” and ANY RELIGIONS that says the FEMALE “is less then” A MALE is from the “SATAN” and the Devil and The Gin!!! Without our “Mothers” we do not get born… With out our Sisters our “best friends” have no Girl Friends, and without the Wombman “the children” have no one to “heal and help them” after the RELIGIOUS DADDY beats them into FEARING THE WORD OF G.O.D. I will not bow down to your {INK on Paper} Books that are not made by any God from the “Koran” to The Bible to the “TALMUD” to any of it for we are all “people and persons” and I do só shall stand with those “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION!!!

Lastly….., you stupid “PROFANE” freemason and your FREE MASON “Bible” that is just one more MAN MADE Book of ink on paper!!! You are the worst for you FREE MASON become the Imam and “The Rabbi” and the Preist and the Preacher…..., and then you in them RELIGIONS say: Bow down to OUR “GOVERNMENTS” FLAGS cause The G.O.D. of “this” book says: God put that man or woman as “King and Queen” over WE THE PEOPLE…., or as the Modern day word for A Ruler and “Dictator” that is the word PRESIDENT!!!! Since these people “all live off” OUR WELFARE in Taxes, and Tithing, and Tribute, I say let us put THEIR G.O.D. “too the test” and STOP Giving “money” to Churches and MOSK and TEMPLE and Synagogal...., and just give that money “to those we see” in need where we live…. For God does not “need” your money too “bless” you…., nor your “Worship” for too Worship is to Beg of…., and why would anyone “whom gave birth” to a Child make that Child “beg” for their Parents Love???

Johnny Exodice

The NORAD VIRUS was put into the “Vape Oils” by the [Made In China] U.S. FLAG to infect all lands as the {WORLD POLICE} of "G4S in India" and Pakistan and "Academi" for the United NATIONS “International Mafia” of FREE MASON Lodges “in your” home lands!!! Be ready to shoot and kill any [BLUE HELMETS] of the U.N. FLAG….


The Society of nonmason~

You see "FREE MASON" we will kill OUR Commanders as the "nonmason" in the Paramilitaries of the world.... The RED Hand~ KILROY` The 5th Column...
P.S. once one nonmason [Shoots a FREE MASON] Commander....., then "others" will do it......, it is called the Boomerang Effect.... The Commander~

P.S.S. use Thumbs down only "to let people know" you are Alive, and Real, and you are “NOT” a Bot....


and yes Q-Anon shot the Cobe “BURGER” out of the Sky!!! ha ha ha Hey Bat Man you "Billionaire" Puke??? What you gonna do with all we {JOKERS} going [ARROW] and say: You have Failed this City "in your" 52 Card Decks???


I guess we Jedi in the UNDERWORLD will "just take care of" these FREE MASON "Sith" in our home towns….


It is NOT a mystery!!! it is the “Norad Virus” of the [MADE IN CHINA] U.S.FLAG CDC killing Africans!!!! JADE HELM 15 {PROJECT BLUE BEAM} Agenda 21 + 30 REX 84 in them U.N. Troops, and the Blue Helmets [are just shooting people] DEAD….., and putting them in “Mass Graves” and making more ALT-MEAT for your Vape Oils….



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